Roy Roundtree Looks Ahead (and back)

Redshirt freshman receiver Roy Roundtree talks about his and the team's future ... and looks back a little as well.

Question: As a young player, what's the biggest lesson you take away from this season especially the struggle down the stretch?

Roy Roundtree: "The biggest lesson, I say learn from your mistakes. We got next year to prepare. We all going to be back, mostly on offense, mostly on defense. We losing 18-20 seniors, but we going to be ready next year for sure."

Question: Has it hit you yet that this is your last game for this year?

Roy Roundtree: "It has hit me. That is why also goes to emotional with the seniors not making a bowl game, that's kind of bad for us. I feel good inside, we got Coach Rod, got Mike Barwis and they going to get us ready for next year. I'm for sure about that."

Question: Can you compare the way the season felt the first four games, 4-0, versus the last five games, compare the feeling?

Roy Roundtree: "I really don't see a difference. In the beginning of the season, we was still playing the same way that we was playing at the end. Teams was just coming out second half and doing more different changeups than what we was doing. We'll be prepared next year for this. I feel confident."

Question: Does it feel weird for you to say at all next year, next year, next year?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah it hurts a lot, saying next year, next year like you was saying. But it happens. You have to have your struggle times and this year and last year was our struggle time but I feel next year, we're going to be right."

Question: What did Coach Rodriguez say to the team in the locker room after the game; did he have a speech?

Roy Roundtree: "He just talked about the seniors mostly. They gave all they had the whole season coming out with the loss that really wasn't what we was expecting, because we had a great practice all week. Like I said, you got to give credit to Ohio State."

Question: How much can you build on your own personal performance these last couple of weeks; another big day for you against OSU?

Roy Roundtree: "Work in the weight room in the office. I really got to pick up more weight. I don't know if they going to put me back outside or keep me in the slot. I'm going to be ready for next year."

Question: Can you talk about the seniors, what the locker room was like after the game with these guys, how difficult it is to see them and say goodbye to them and not have that one more game?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah, very emotional. I got a good relationship with all the seniors. I was like teary eyed to not finish in The Big House with a W and then going to the bowl games. It was kind of hard but you got to learn. They told us to keep our heads up and our system will be clicking."

Question: Talk a little bit about your relationship with Tate; it seems like you guys got a nice little rapport going; he really saw you out on the field quite a bit.

Roy Roundtree: "That's just study watching film all the time. He finds the open wide receiver all the time. The way it went down against OSU really wasn't the way we planned, but we got to pick up next year."

Question: It just seemed like you guys were one play away against OSU, one play away?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. As far as the whole gap thing, we can't beat ourselves and being in the red zone we got to score and not throw interceptions or get penalties to get farther back."

Question: How disappointing was that? It seemed like you had a lot of chances but you just weren't coming away with the points that you needed to?

Roy Roundtree: "It's difficult. We get frustrated sometimes because you beat yourself that hurt real bad. We just got to pick up from our mistakes and come back next year and be really prepared. I feel everybody in the locker room feel confident next year."

Question: On if Forcier forced things in the OSU game out of frustration…

Roy Roundtree: "I don't want to say frustration. Ohio State was just calling the perfect defense and Tate (Forcier) was probably just threw an off ball or threw a deep ball and our receiver couldn't get to it and safety got to it. I really don't know if Tate was frustrated or not. Being a freshman it happens."

Question: How much did it hurt you to not really be able to run the ball against OSU?

Roy Roundtree: "It hurt it bad but at the same time, we still accomplished something. Getting down there, running the ball, not running the ball, passing, we did pretty good passing wise. B(randon) Minor and Los (Carlos Brown) not really healthy that really like hit a wall for us."

Question: Did their defense do something different inside the red zone; what was so different that you guys couldn't move the ball?

Roy Roundtree: "They were sending some blitzes, going man to man in the red zone. Watching film that's what you see, that's what you study on them that's what you practice on in practice. Saying that red zone action how they really stopped us, but we was really stopping ourselves, but you got to give credit to Ohio State."

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