Clayton Richard's Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Here is "GutierrezForHeisman's" seventh full transcript of yesterday's signee-interviews with Dennis Fithian on WTKA radio: Clayton Richard.

Dennis Fithian: Clayton, how are you doing?
Clayton Richard: I'm doing great, how are you?

DF: I'm doing fantastic. Congratulations!
CR: Thank you! Thank you very much!

DF: Big day for you today? How many interviews have you been doing today?
CR: Just a couple with the local newspaper – a few, but it's a great feeling and a great opportunity to come up to Ann Arbor to play football.

DF: And Clayton, let's talk about your decision and why you ended up picking Michigan. I mean, quarterbacks, people always have big time interest in the signal callers. Meanwhile, you've had so much success that everyone wants to know everything about you, your leadership on the field and what it came down to finally for you to pick the Maize and Blue.
CR: A lot of it was the coaching staff. I felt really comfortable with the coaches that are there. Coach Loeffler, the quarterback coach and Coach Carr and Coach Moeller was the area recruiter. So I felt really comfortable with all the coaches and then, of course, you don't get any better athletes than you do at Michigan and that's something I really look forward to – playing with (them).

DF: Now, Clayton, what's going on in Indiana? I think basketball, I don't think of signal callers, but Michigan was playing in the Outback Bowl against Rex Grossman and I didn't realize he was from the Hoosier state there and so was that a guy you always looked up to, Rex Grossman?
CR: Right. It's always great to see a guy coming out of your area or in this case the state – you see someone who's coming from around here and knowing they can make it big, well, that's an inspiration.

DF: Clayton Richard with us here on Ticket 1050, a 6-5 quarterback out of Indiana and we had a recruiting analyst on and, this might be a little bit before your time, but he called you an Indiana version or a high school version of Boomer Esaison. Are you familiar with Boomer?
CR: (laughs) Yeah, that was awhile back.

DF: You probably don't remember watching Boomer, but he could light it up. Who are some guys, I mean, do you look at and say that's the kind of guy I emulate? What about anybody at the next level or probably the biggest influences that you look at and say that's the kind of QB I want to be?
CR: When I was younger one guy I really enjoyed watching Steve Young and before that it was Joe Montana. I was kinda heartbroken when Montana was done and then Steve Young came in for him and I got to watching him and he was a lot of fun to watch. Him being left handed – he did some amazing stuff with the football.

DF: Clayton, you've done some amazing things with the football and with the baseball and in the classroom. How do you balance that all? Let me just tell everybody you throw in the 90s off the mound, you know, you've thrown for almost 3,000 yards and 30 touchdowns last season and over 11000 for your career. How do you balance it all?
CR: Well, you have to make some sacrifices if you're going to make it at the next level. And that means not going out a lot of times, but that's what you've got to do to make yourself better.

DF: Yep, because the guys that are going out, you've got a leg up on them. Is that the way you look at it?
CR: Yep.

DF: That's nice. Well, Clayton Richard is with us here on Ticket 1250. So what do you doing now?
CR: We just got done. We had a half day today, so we just got done with basketball practice and came home to get ready for the call.

DF: What kind of a basketball player are you?
CR: (laughs) Um, average.

DF: Yep, and what position do you play?
CR: Forward and center.

DF: Yep, forward/center at 6-5 – your team - what is your record right now?
CR: We're 5 and 9 right now, well below average. We're usually pretty good.

DF: So you've got some work to do to get up to .500?
CR: Yeah.

DF: And then baseball comes around in the spring. Do you get an opportunity – when are you doing some throwing to keep it going, stuff like that to keep your arm live or when it comes to baseball do you concentrate on that? Take us through it.
CR: Right. A lot of times after basketball practice before I lift weights, I get a buddy and go out in the gym and do some throwing to get my arm loose and then I get to work out after that, so I'm getting ready for baseball coming up.

DF: Yep, and people of course like I talked about right at the outset, always very interested in the quarterback. But of course the Drew Henson situation that went on here. Can you just tell everybody about your plan with baseball and what would come up with the draft and then what you're looking forward to with your Michigan Football career?
CR: I really like baseball, but I love to play football and I'm so excited about being able to come up to Ann Arbor and play football for the Wolverines, I mean, it's hard to compete with that. And coming up this spring is the major league draft and, depending on how that goes, I may be able to play baseball in the summer also.

DF: Are you a Yankees fan, Clayton?
CR: (laughs) I've heard the Yankees are kind of a down point up there since Drew left, but, I mean you have to give the Yankees credit for putting out the money to get the athletes. But it was kind of a letdown to see – it wasn't a letdown for him – but to see Drew leave. How great of a quarterback as he was for Michigan.

DF: Well, people are interested in seeing you come up and throw the football around. We appreciate your time. Take care Clayton and we'll see you up here – will you be around for spring ball?
CR: Hopefully I'll get up there for a couple practices.

DF: Alright, we'll see you when freshmen report in August. Congratulations on signing your letter of intent today with Michigan.
CR: Thanks a lot!

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