Leon Hall's Full WTKA Interview Transcript

Here is "GutierrezForHeisman's" ninth full transcript of yesterday's signee-interviews with Dennis Fithian on WTKA radio: Leon Hall.

Dennis Fithian: Leon Hall who joins us here on Ticket 1050 out of Vista, California here on WTKA. Leon, how are you doing?
Leon Hall: I'm doing pretty good. How are you?

DF: I'm doing fantastic. Hey, congratulations on signing with Michigan today.
LH: Thank you! I'm really excited!

DF: How did that go down today? What do you do, just fix your name and take it down to a Kinko's and fire it off or how does that work?
LH: Well, we had a little press conference at our school today and it was kinda like that because me, along with four other football players were signing today, so we had some TV cameras and some of the newspapers there, so it was real exciting.

DF: So where is everybody else going?
LH: We got guys going to SC, Colorado, Boise State and Villanova.

DF: What kind of a football team have you got down there in Vista, California?
LH: (laughs) Man, it's real good. I can say that. Real good.

DF: Sounds like it. Leon Hall with us here on Ticket 1050. How does a guy from California look (East) and say, hmmm, Michigan, that's where I want to play?
LH: (laughs) It's just a place where you look at it and say why wouldn't you want to go there, you know? No matter where you come from. So it's not like a bad place or that just because I'm from California. People say that because of the cold or something like that, but…

DF: Well, if you want to play on Sunday afternoons…
LH: Yeah, exactly, that will get you ready for that, too.

DF: Get yourself ready for a little Midwest football.
LH: Yep.

DF: We're talking with Leon Hall with us here on Ticket 1050 and what about some of the other guys that came before you – Charles Drake? Are you familiar with some of those guys that made the trip to Michigan from California?
LH: Not quite a few. Maybe a couple, but not so many.

DF: When did you come up for your visit, what did you do, what did you like, who were your hosts? That kind of stuff, Leon.
LH: I came out there the weekend of January 10th and my host was Darnell Hood and I don't know, he showed me a great time. Probably the most memorable moment I had there was at the basketball game against Penn State they kinda had a sign going for me and everything. The students were yelling for me. It was nice. It was a great experience.

DF: Now that you say that, I remember that. Antonio Cromartie was in that weekend as well.
LH: Yeah, he was in that weekend, too.

DF: He was a guy that stayed on his cell phone the whole game.
LH (laughs) Yeah!

DF: Where did you eat down here in Ann Arbor? Did they take you to a restaurant? They didn't just take you to McDonald's or something, did they?
LH: No, we went to – one of the places was the Chop House, I think – I'm not sure of the exact names of the other places. But they were…they were top quality! Nothing like McDonald's or nothing or Burger King or something like that. (laughs)

DF: I was going to say they took me to Taco Bell and we had a good time.
LH: (laughs)

DF: Leon, what do you want to do? Lock down corner? In your face blanket-type corner? Describe your play out there on the island.
LH: Kinda both. I can be a lock down corner or a cover corner that plays zone or whatever, but I like to get up in their face and play some man. That's probably my game. That's what I love to do right there. Kinda just the thrill of having them one-on-one.

DF: Gotta have a short memory out on the corner, don't you?
LH: Yeah, you have to. (laughs)

DF: Who's the best player you ever went up against at the high school level? Would we know who he was?
LH: Did you ask would you guys know? Well, that's when I went against Jose Perez he goes to a school like 15 minutes away from ours, Oceanside, he goes there. He was pretty good.

DF: Where's he going to end up?
LH: He's going to San Diego State.

DF: Who's the kid USC's got? True freshman Mike Williams, is he from California?
LH: I'm not even sure.

DF: I don't think anybody could – that's gonna be a tough one to take one-on-one. Can you come up and play the run as well, Leon?
LH: Yeah, I can. (laughs) You're gonna have to, so, yeah I can for sure.

DF: Well, that's fantastic. Any of the other guys you came in with on your trip? You talked about Darnell Hood who hosted you on your visit. Were there any other guys you had the opportunity to meet?
LH: I got to meet quite a few like Marlin Jackson. I met a whole lot of players, but it hit me kinda quick, so I'm not sure of all the names.

DF: Hey, that's alright. I remember that sign. That had to be a big draw for you when you take a look at a sign that says you know, Ty Law, Charles Woodson, Marlin Jackson, Leon Hall…that had to make you smile, huh?
LH: (laughs) Yeah, exactly! That surprised me! When I went to the game, I didn't expect anything like that to happen, so for that to happen, it was just like WOW, you know?

DF: Have you been in for a game with the Big House packed?
LH: No, I haven't.

DF: Well, that's obviously something that you're looking forward to?
LH: (laughs) Exactly!

DF: Man, that'll be the first day – in August you'll run down the tunnel for the first time when the place is packed. What do you plan on doing between now and then? What's going on in Leon Hall's life? You got basketball season, track coming up, those kinds of things. What do you do in your free time?
LH: Right now I'm just running track and going to the gym, but I'll be going up to Michigan in June for four weeks, maybe. Three or four weeks. Other than that, I'm just working out right now running track.

DF: Well, great! We appreciate your time. Hey, congratulations and I'll tell you what, when it gets to be June in here it's just like California, so don't let anyone tell you any different.
LH: (laughs) Alright!

DF: Alright, Leon, congratulations again. Take care.
LH: Thank you!

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