U-M Lands Top Prospect In Five States

"Michigan got the top kid in Michigan, the top two in Ohio, the top one in Indiana, and the top one in Pennsylvania, and the top one in Missouri. I'd call that a good recruiting year!" So says former assistant recruiting coordinator Mark Ouimet, who knows a lot of Michigan's new signees first hand. Here is his 'story' on the recruiting of each one.

Lamarr Woodley. He's come to a lot of games the past few years. The bottom line is that Fred Jackson did a great job for two years on Lamarr. Whenever MSU went to see Lamar this past month, Jackson was right on their heels. We had Woodley in for a Junior day basketball game last winter -- I sat with him. Also a big influence on his recruiting: the firing by MSU of Bobby Williams. It also helped a lot that there is playing time available at Michigan for strongside linebacker.

The two kids in Ohio. Shawn Crable: we've been on him for four years. He's been to many Michigan games, and summer camps. Stan Parrish did a good job with him the first three years, and Bobby Morrison too. Morrison put in a lot of work in this class. Prescott Burgess, after he committed to Michigan, also gets credit for helping with Crable. For Burgess himself: it again came down to playing time. Michigan only has three safeties in the program, and Shaw departs after this year. Burgess will be able to play some right away -- he'll get some snaps, and maybe on special teams. And ... he didn't get along with Maurice Clarett, it's true -- they both came the OSU game in the fall of 2001 ... but then we're seeing that Clarett is as you said he was, Tom ...

Clayton Richard, the number one kid on Indiana. We had him in for two games in a row in the fall of 2001. With Sam Keller already being committed at the time, Richard obviously thought he was better. He will give Matt Gutierrez a run for his money after next year. Michigan is a good situation for him. Hopefully he won't sign for baseball right away, we'll see where he gets drafted.

By the way, with Keller decommitting, next spring (2004) there will on;y be two quarterbacks in the program for spring practice. That poses a problem ... you don't want just two quarterbacks. I wonder if we might see a transfer just so he can paractice for next year. Their goal for next year -- John Booty (from La.) and Anthony Morelli (from Pa.).

Ryan Mundy -- the top kid in Pennsylvania. He and Steve Breaston came on campus during summer camp in 2001. Michigan has recruited him for three years as well. Teryl Austin did great job with him.

Will Paul -- the top prospect in Missouri. He'll play defensive end. Andy Moeller brought his name in when Moeller came on staff from Missouri. He runs an 11-flat 100 meters from what I hear.

Quinton McCoy. We signed him the year before, so we've actually recruited him for three years now. Brady Hoke and Bill Sheridan did a good job getting him back.

Jake Long. We recruited him for a couple years, and he's been a camper. Man, that kid just kept growing! He was this class' first commitment, we wrapped him up before I left. Bobby Morrison did good job with him.

Jerome Jackson. He's good security at running back. With the running depth this year, he'll get redshirted. He does have the ability to run the ball. He and Lamarr never camped at Michigan, but came to a lot of games. Landing them should help with recruiting Saginaw down the road.

Jim Presley. A typical local kid who loves Michigan. He's been a camper, and Michigan being thin at linebacker means he will get a chance. But ... he played running back in high school and I think he is a potential fullback -- Michigan needs one.

Pat Sharrow. He came to camp a couple times. He's a long snapper first -- that's what they'll need in a couple years.

Anton Campbell/Leon Hall. Anton Campbell was another kid brought to us when Moeller came in from the Missouri staff. He came up during camp week this past summer but was injured. Campbell can play either offense or defense -- he's the 'athlete' in this class. Leon Hall will redshirt I think -- if either of them play right away next year, it'll be on special teams.

Adam Kraus. He was a camper this past summer ... (Tom: Adam just told me he came to camp with Jakouri WIlliams {top Junior La. running back}, not many people know that). Adam will be given a shot at tight end, but will probably be and offensive lineman.

Garrett Rivas. I think he'll come in and help right away. He should pan out and be a very good kicker for Michigan. I didn't know him -- he camped this past summer -- but he had the Michigan connection with Jay Feely.

Ryan Englemon. He's an 'athlete, he'll start at defensive back but could play wide receiver. When they realized they were losing Keller, a scholarship opened up for him ... he's a Zia Combs type of kid.

Jeff Zuttah. He enrolled in January, he's a top kid from New Jersey that Lefty (Assistant Coach Scott Loeffler) did a great job grabbing late. We'll wait and see on him -- he's a good kid and I hope things work out.

Note: for those of you who subscribe to the magazine, Mark will spell out in the first issue just how this recruiting class was 'laid out' in January through March of this year!

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