White Excited by Opportunity

Livonia (MI) Stevenson tailback Austin White has been a Michigan commitment for quite some time now, but that hasn't stopped other schools from continuing their pursuit. Is the four-star runner still solidly committed to the Wolverines?

Livonia (MI) Stevenson RB Austin White saw his final high school season fall a little short of his ultimate goal of a state title, but the talented youngster was once again put forth a valiant effort in trying to help his club get there.  The 6-0, 190-pounder reportedly rushed for over 1500 yards and reached the end zone 21 times en route to leading the Spartans to an 8-3 record.   And when the final seconds ran off the clock in his final game, his athletic focus shifted completely to his future team, the Michigan Wolverines.

"Since the start of my recruitment (the Michigan coaches) have been telling me the best players will play at Michigan," said White.  "Coach Rod doesn't have a problem throwing young guys in there if he needs to.  It's always been in my mind that if I work at it and I do well enough, I could have a chance to play.  They're not telling me that I have a guaranteed spot or anything, but the opportunity is there. If I take advantage I could get a spot."

White will get a head start in his quest for early playing time thanks to his pending mid year graduation.

"I'm taking four extra online classes right now to get all finished up," he reported.  "I'll be done December 18th.  I don't think I'm going to be playing in any All Star games.  I think I'm just going to get it started with the college ball."

As is the case a number of Michigan's other commitments, the coaching staff in Ann Arbor has stayed vigilant in its recruitment of White to make sure they protect his pledge.  In this instance, though, it hasn't taken a great deal of effort to convince the versatile prospect to follow through on his promise to become a Wolverine.

"A couple of schools have talked to me, but they haven't really pressed me to come out of my decision because something I made clear to a lot of schools when they were recruiting me in the first place was that when I make a decision that's something that I was going to be loyal to," White explained.  " So schools aren't telling me to leave or de-commit, but they are letting me know that if you aren't happy with your decision there's still an option here.  But I'm 100% solid.  I will be a Wolverine in January and I'm happy with my decision and have no regrets about it."

The future Michigan tailback was on campus a few weeks back chatting with other recruits about the possibility that they might join him in donning the winged helmet.

"(At the Ohio State game) I got a good amount of time to talk to those a few recruits… a couple of guys from California," White recalled.  "I already knew Dillon Baxter and Kenny Shaw and I hung out with them a little bit. Everyone was just in awe of the stadium.  You really didn't even have to say much.  I haven't really talked to them on the phone though.  I talk to Ricardo and Jeremy probably the most out of any of the recruits.  I haven't had a chance to Devin in a little while.   But I stay in touch with them… and especially Jeremy because we work out together."

Last on the docket for White before graduation is one more trip to Ann Arbor.

"I set up my official visit for next weekend," said White.  "The fourth, fifth, and sixth I believe."

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