"Woodley...I thought his JUNIOR year..."

Former Recruiting Coordinator Bobby Morrison (who retired Signing Day 2002)had been recruiting Lamarr Woodley, and several other signees, for the past two years. We dog-sleddded to his Arctic Cottage Friday to interview him for the upcoming Signing Day GBW Magazine. He made some intriguing and exciting comments on several of the signees.

Lamarr Woodley.
"Woodley ... the real deal. I thought his JUNIOR year in high school that he could have come in THEN and gotten some playing time for us. In all the years I recruited, I don't know if I saw as good a defensive player, as dominant, as Lamarr."

Clayton Richard.
"Yeah, I located him for us. I saw film on Richard a long time ago, a year ago in the spring (before Clayton's junior year). And when I looked at quarterbacks around the country a year ago (after their junior seasons), I ranked him #1. I really think he's good. Heck, a 92 mph fast ball! And he is very accurate. He's just really, really good. I think he could have a great career. Michigan needed him badly."

Prescott Burgess.
"Burgess is a very, very aggressive kid ... he's a big son-of-a-gun, and tough as hell! I hope Burgess decides to play Will ('weak', or 'speed') linebacker, he could be great there. He's not like Mundy, who's a pure safety."

Shawn Crable.
"We recruited Crable since 9th grade. He's grown into a big son of a gun, hasn't he! He is a great talent. We thought Burgess, Crable, and Whitner from Cleveland Glenville were the top three in Ohio."

Jake Long.
"We had Jake at camp several years, and always liked him. We watched him grown into a huge son-of-a-gun!"

Jim Presley.
"I'm happy we took him - he's a real good athlete. I compared him at camp (2001) to the kid from Clarenceville who went to PSU (Tim Shaw). I liked Presley a little more. Shaw was just a little faster in straight line speed, but Jim was a better football player, better agility and flexibility. I think he'll play for us."

Pat Sharrow.
"We watched him too. He's a really good snapper for place kicking."

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