"4AM Wed. morning, lying in bed, I decided ..

So said U-M signee Shawn Crable, who called me last (Friday) night while he waiting around after school before he had to start getting ready for his basketball game. He talked to me mainly about his decision-making process -- how it was that he picked Michigan. It's not what you may expect (or maybe it is ...).

Shawn Crable:

"I told you the last time we talked (on Jan. 28 or 29) that I was just getting my mom and brothers (one older, and younger bro Jamie) together and we were going to go through the decision process. Down in Texas I was thinking about Michigan, because of Pres (Prescott Burgess) and the other Michigan guys down there. But then I'd go back and forth between Michigan and O-State ... if you'd have asked me one day it'd be Michigan, the next day it'd be Ohio State. And when you called last week, I was totally undecided and confused, and just getting ready to sit down and get serious about it. I gathered my mom and brothers (an older brother, and a youger brother, Jamie) around, and we spend several days seriously going through everything. I'd ask them questions, or they'd ask me questions -- trying to hit on everything."

What did your family want you to do? Your mom? Jamie?

"They were part of my decision process, like I said. I actually wanted them to tell me what school they preferred, as part of my process. My mom just told me that she just wants me to graduate. Even if I went to Miami, or USC, that was all okay with her just so I graduated. But ... my mom liked Michigan's academics. My older brother said, "You can go to O-State and play, but at Michigan you can play too.' Jamie -- he's not too fond of OSU. He's a Michigan fan. He's in his second year playing football himself, he's a safety. He hasn't played too much yet but he wiill this year (his junior year). He's smart and he has the athletic ability, it'll just depend on what he does with it."

So, when did you actually make up your mind?

"When it came right down to it .... the day before, Tuesday, I changed my mind three times, whether it was going to be Michigan or Ohio State. So I started listing all the pros and cons, in writing. Finally, at 4AM Wed. morning, lying in bed ... I decided it was the education at Michigan that was the key. I realized that the main focus I'm going to college for is to graduate ... so it was Michigan. I decided at 4AM Wednesday morning."

At the US Army game, did you think it'd be nice playing with Prescott Burgess and Ryan Mundy?

"Well, I was impressed with ALL the Michigan players there. That was one of the questions I went over with my family -- am I confident in the players coming in with me. With Pres and Ryan (Mundy) backing me up -- whew!"

Did you talk to Prescott at the end?

"We talked this week ... Monday night. I just told him I was all confused, undecided. He just said he's throwing a party this weekend and he wanted me to come. That's all. So I'm going to try to make it up to Warren, but I have a game today (Friday) and tomorrow."

How have the prople there handled it?

"I thought there'd be criticism ... but people around here seem to like me, so they say they're going root for me except for one game ... thats understandable."

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