Amaker and Players Discuss Victory Over Iowa

Following the match-up with Iowa, head coach Tommy Amaker, Bernard Robinson Jr., Lester Abram, and Daniel Horton met with the press to discuss the victory. Iowa head coach Steve Alford also provided comments on the game.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement:

"I really thought that our second-half defense was the key to pulling this one out. I thought our play defensively allowed us to get into their passing lanes and get some fast-break points. (LaVell) Blanchard's and (Lester) Abram's efforts on the glass helped us immensely. Bernard (Robinson Jr.) was everywhere for us and was a catalyst to help us."

On Michigan:

"We still are Michigan and we represent a program of tradition. To have Rudy Tomjanovich here and to see his jersey retired means a lot to this program. Even though we will not make a postseason tournament, we still deserve things."

On Michigan's efforts:

" I really thing that you need to have heart and character. Our confidence has allowed us to make plays. Our defense has been solid for us all year long. You talk about a team in Iowa that has shot the ball well from the perimeter all year. Today they weren't able to hit those shots and our defense was a part of that. Tenacious defense allowed us to get some runs and has been the catalyst for us all year to pull out the tight games.

On winning at home:

"There is a lot of basketball to be played, but a team always has to hold court in their own building. It is important for a team in a conference like the Big Ten to win in their home arena in front of their home crowd."

On Michigan's bench:

"We are concerned with the lack of execution. I think our bench will come around for us. We are who we are and we will continue to keep doing what we do here at Michigan."

On Rudy Tomjanovich:

"I am very honored to be a part of this. Rudy was one of the foundations of Michigan basketball and it is great for our current players to see what it is to be a part of the history of Michigan hoops."

On Lester Abram:

"I have always said that Lester is a competitor and he is touché. That is one of the reason he was a two-time high school champion and a major reason why we wanted him to come here."

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On returning home and extending the home win streak to 11 games:

"It feels good to be back on our home court. The whole support felt good. It was great to go play out there in front of the cheering crowd."

On scoring a season-high 21 points:

"I hit my first jumpshot and then I opened up a little bit and got more confidence. I was able to get to the basket today and find those other players and we finished on our shots. I stayed out of foul trouble so that gave me some more minutes. I played well but the team really boosted me. They were able to find me and everybody was looking for each other."

On tying a career high with six assists:

"They knocked down the shots. I tried to give the ball up to them. Coach always stresses that we make the extra pass and everybody was doing that today."

Lester Abram

On grabbing a career-high nine rebounds:

"We're a much bigger team than they are. Our coach told us to get on the glass and that was one of my goals coming into the game."

On guarding Brody Boyd and holding him to three points in the second half:

"It was a team effort. While I was on him I tried to deny him the ball and when he got the ball I tried to put a hand in his face. I'm 6-6 and he's 5-11 so I knew my wingspan would bother him a little bit. I saw in the tape before the game that they set a lot of screens for him and he fakes one way and goes the other way around the screen. I didn't go for the fakes so that's why I was able to stay with him."

Daniel Horton

On the win:

"It was a pretty good victory. They fought hard and made a couple plays, but we did what it takes to get the win."

On moving on to the next game at Indiana:

"I'm not really thinking about the place and the environment. I'm just trying to concentrate on doing what we need to do in practice and get ready to try and get a win on the road."

Iowa Head Coach Steve Alford

Opening statement:

"I think our team played really hard. You have to give Michigan credit. If you can defend close to 10 minutes and not commit a foul, I think you are doing something right. Our strength all year was getting to the free throw line, but they kept us out of the bonus in both halves."

On Jeff Horner's desperation, transition three-pointer with a minute to go in the game:

"That was a tough shot. I wish he would have kept going, but he is a freshman and he will learn for it. But all around he played a great game for us."

On Michigan scoring off Iowa miscues:

"I think 60 percent of their shooting came from us turning it over or our missed shots that they turned into easy transition baskets inside."

On Bernard Robinson Jr:

"His defense has improved and he really gave us a lot of problems. He was in a flow all game long. He has a nice build and the ability to move up the floor in a hurry. If he can improve his outside shot he has the possibility of being a big-time pro."

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