First off -- a top FB/LB from the Detroit suburbs.">
First off -- a top FB/LB from the Detroit suburbs.">

(Sr) Recruiting Is Dead; Long Live (Jr) Recruiting

Recruiting never stops! The commitment last week of junior Morgan Trent is proof of that. With Michigan looking at a 20+ member recruiting class next year, it is likely that the Wolverines would love to identify and get early commitments from SEVERAL top instaters. With the help of instate recruiting guru "Jim S." we will present ONLY those juniors that we believe likely to be Michigan recruits.<br><br> First off -- a top FB/LB from the Detroit suburbs.

Yours truly talked late Friday afternoon to the father of linebacker Roger Allison (2002 Michigan camper, 6-2, 222 lbs., 4.75 in the 40) from Lake Orion, Michigan.

Has a Michigan coach visited Roger's school in the past couple weeks?

"Jim Herrman was at Roger's school last week. Roger is in Indiana right now (Friday). He's going to Indiana/MSU game tomorrow, on an unofficial visit to Indiana. There was no invitation by Michigan for this weekend (Note: U-M did not have a 'junior day' for the Iowa game). In a week or two I'm sure Michigan will have a junior day."

Tell us about Roger as a player.

"Roger measured 6-2, 222 lbs. yesterday. He was the fastest junior linebacker at the Michigan camp last summer, running an electronically timed 4.75."

"This past season he became the starting tailback for the 3rd game, and still led county in rushing with 1600 yards and 21 touchdowns. As a linebacker, he wanted to get 200 tackles ... he had 120 tackles, because it takes it out of a guy to play both ways."

"Roger's not true tailback ... he's a tailback/fullback, and a linebacker. He's not a track guy, he's football fast. He's one of the few kids I've seem that doesn't slow down with pads on. I played college football myself, tailback. I started at the Air Force, then transferred to Michigan Tech."

"Roger is one of those kids that's always wanted to be a pro footballer. Since he was a little kid he just always said, 'I'm gonna play pro football'. He's got all the attributes ...speed, size, and strength."

How do you see Roger's recruiting going?

"I sent film of Roger out to some teams. Stanford, they came by for a kid here this year and took note of Roger as well. OSU has sent him material, Clemson, West Virginia. I think in order for him to enjoy his senior year, I would love to see him commit early."

"Roger and Michigan? He'd love to go to Michigan. If U-M offers him where will he get a better offer?"

Note: Roger was spotted making an unofficial visit for the MSU football game this past fall.

Roger Allison scores!

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