Players Speak: Manny, Deshawn, Novak, Gibson

Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims, Zack Novak and Zack Gibson talk about those last three darn games.

Question: Three straight losses early in the season; how disappointing is that for you?

Manny Harris: "Very disappointing. I blame myself for a lot of it. We just got to pick it up. There is no reason why we should lose three games in a row."

Question: Why do you blame yourself?

Manny Harris: "There are things out there that it could be the leadership or talking more or my defensive habits – just a lot of areas where I could make our team better. They kind of feed off what I do and I don't think I'm doing something right because there is no way we should lose three straight games."

Question: With all the high expectations, ranked 15th to start the season and now three losses and the shooting is off; is there concern, yes it is early in the year and there is a lot of games, but are there concerns right now?

Manny Harris: "Concerns is, this is basically we're beating ourselves. We got to work hard, get focused and all have to buy into playing defense first of all and then we got to make shots. Once we make shots and play defense and just be focused, I think we can change, but like I said losing three games straight is definitely unacceptable."

Question: Where would you say this team's morale, confidence right now?

Manny Harris: "When you lose three games straight, your confidence is not at a all time high, but we got to still forget about it and play better in the next game and worry about the next game. Like I said, it is definitely unacceptable and no one feels good about this at all. I know I don't."

Question: Is there a difference that you sense from last year?

Manny Harris: "It is just that we got to find a way to click on all our cylinders. Last year we were more, I don't want to say together but…I don't know we just got to find a way to click. I don't know if it is just our shots not falling, so everyone's confidence is down and worry about that and playing defense or whatever. We just got to find some type of way to get through it."

Question: You guys weren't able to get a whole lot of points in the paint; when you guys are not able to do that, does that put more pressure on you guys to hit the outside shot?

Manny Harris: "A little bit, but if you're not scoring points in the paint and you not scoring points outside – that's why we had 24 points in the first half. We've got to find a way to score. We just got to find a way to score if your shot not falling."


Question: Your feelings after a disappointing loss especially at home?

DeShawn Sims: "This is a tough loss. I don't think the team is feeling too good right now. We've got to bounce back. Boston College came in and played us tough. We've got to bounce back."

Question: What would you say was the biggest problem tonight?

DeShawn Sims: "They sloughing defense and they playing well. They don't give you opportunity to drive the ball well and there help defense was great and we didn't hit any shots. They slough off you enough to be able to still contest shots. It was tough. All credit goes to them."

Question: Did it just feel like you guys were flat all night and not as energetic as you have been in the past?

DeShawn Sims: "We sort of played to their defense. There defense was laid back and relaxed and we kind of played like that. We shot like that, we executed like that and that was pretty much the game. They got off to a great start and it was hard to come back from it."

Question: What about defensively for you guys, a lot of easy buckets going on inside in the paint; what was the reason for that?

DeShawn Sims: "That flex. Guarding and switching, it was just some things that they did, they run it so well. They post up all positions. That was pretty much the thing. Just guarding the post from all positions."

Question: Four points for you tonight that's obviously real low for you, off night for you; how do you bounce back from that?

DeShawn Sims: "Just be able to take more shots and make more shots. Just a bad game in general. I got to come out and get more into it."

Question: You've guys have lost three straight now, shooting is off; it's still early in the season but is there concern?

DeShawn Sims: "It is still early and definitely it is concerning but the big thing is there is a lot of guys, so we can't think about that shooting in previous games. We just got to come out and keep shooting for it."

Question: Did you notice them doing anything in particular to you to limit you out there offensively?

DeShawn Sims: "Not really. I didn't take a lot of shots. I don't know how many shots I took, but I missed a few and it was pretty much out of the game. I got into early foul trouble and sat out most of the first half. They didn't really do anything in particular, the other team didn't. The ball didn't bounce my way or the team's way."

Question: You guys have been saying that the interior defense is something that you guys need to work on, but it seems to be the same kind of weak spot the past couple of games; what can you guys do?

DeShawn Sims: "Just keep working on it until it improves. We've been real repetitive in saying that we got to get better, but the only thing about it is that there is a lot of games and we've still got a chance to get better at it."


Question: You guys got some good open looks in the second half.

Zach Novak: "Yeah we're getting great looks. We just got to knock them down."

Question: It seems like the second issue is defense, especially inside; how are you guys going to shore that up?

Zach Novak: "We just got to focus. We've got too many lapses. We're breaking too much. We just got to get stronger."

Question: Boston College was very physical; they came out and rebounding pretty hard.

Zach Novak: "Yeah that's what they do. That's just the type of team they are. They're good. I got to give them a lot of credit. They share the ball very well. They go after the boards hard, especially the offensive end. We just didn't match them for 40 minutes tonight."

Question: How difficult was it to defend that flex that they were running; it seems like they were getting layups, mid range jump shots; they really didn't shot an awful lot from the three?

Zach Novak: "Yeah. It is definitely something different. They're not really cutting extremely hard off screens or anything. They're just picking you off a little bit. You got to give them credit. They do what they do and they do it well. We struggled with it, especially earlier on."

Question: Do you think that you ran your offense all the way through tonight; you were taking some pretty quick threes out there tonight?

Zach Novak: "We actually got through it all the way for the first time in a couple of games. Yes we did, but we're still shooting kind of early and I think it is kind of a double edged sword. You're missing so you shoot it early when you're open, because you're like, alright we got to get through this but again you're missing because you are just shooting it early. You're not working it and getting in rhythm. We just got to figure it out."

Question: You said you got to concentrate on making a few more passes and that kind of thing, it seemed like you guys sort of struggled moving the ball around tonight.

Zach Novak: "Yeah they changed defenses pretty well and just got to give them credit. They played a good game. We just got to be a little tougher, especially defensively. We got to fix some things."


Question: They came out very physical, rebounding a lot; what did you think of their physicality and how did you try to stop it?

Zach Gibson: "They've always been that type of team. They're strong inside. The whole team has got to crash. We all got to get bodies on guys and box out."

Question: It seems like the whole team has been struggling with threes, but the interior defense really seems to be especially an issues; what do you guys need to do to shore up that defense inside?

Zach Gibson: "We didn't execute on defense in the beginning. They got a lot of open looks in the post and they are not going to miss those."

Question: How disappointing was it for you guys tonight?

Zach Gibson: "It was real disappointing. We don't like to lose at home in front of our crowd. We know that we could have played better and that's the most disappointing part."

Question: Overall a lot of people speculating, you are 15th ranked to start the season; does that come with a little pressure, maybe a little premature, talk about the three game losing streak?

Zach Gibson: "Yeah that is the beginning of the season rank and that means nothing. We've got to get wins. We know we're capable of making shots. We got the same guys as last year and knocked them down. We just got to keep focused and keep practicing hard and it'll come."

Question: Three straight losses, what have you noticed during these last three games?

Zach Gibson: "It's tough. We haven't been executing the way we need to be. We haven't been executing our offense or a good part of our defense."

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