Season Over, Young Players Talk: Omameh

With the football season over and the Football Bust as well, some Wolverine youngsters talk about this season and next ... Patrick Omameh.

Question: You kind of got after it the second half of the season and started putting you in a little bit; obviously that was because of hard work.

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah. I've been working hard all year and got my shot. I guess they decided what they saw was good enough to keep me in there."

Question: Columbus, Ohio, you're a native. Can you tell me what playing in the Ohio State game meant to you?

Patrick Omameh: "I started to prepare for it like it was any other game but it was still an emotional aspect to it."

Question: What would you say made it so emotional for you?

Patrick Omameh: "I don't know. Just knowing that everybody…most the people I know growing up our rooting for the other side and going to be watching the game and just pressure I felt to perform I guess."

Question: Can you talk to me about some of the influences on the offensive line, guys that have really helped you this year, possibly even some of the seniors that will be leaving.

Patrick Omameh: "Well pretty much everybody on the offensive line has helped me, especially since I've come in as guard, which is a new position for me and David Moosman in particular, since he was right next to me helping me out knowing where I was going and stuff if I was ever confused."

Question: Starting, did that kind of confirm that you know what, I can do this or did you already feel that already?

Patrick Omameh: "I felt that I could but my feelings were strengthened once I actually got my shot and was in and was performing well."

Question: Has your resolve for this football team for this coaching staff going in the right direction as strong as it has always been?

Patrick Omameh: "Yeah, maybe even stronger."

Question: Why do you say even stronger now?

Patrick Omameh: "I feel like every time I see something…all the time I see stuff that tells me that we're going to have success in the future and I'm ready for it."

Question: What do you see that the coaches are doing to push you towards those thoughts?

Patrick Omameh: "Well everything we've done this year has set a foundation for what we're going to be doing in the future. The work of this year senior's class has done so much for us and next year what we do is going to be done for them."

Question: Can you tell me expectations for next year, not only for yourself but also for the team?

Patrick Omameh: "Expectations next year going to be just like this year, win 12 games, get a bid to the Rose Bowl."

Question: Can you talk about the seniors leaving and what that was like and what it means to you as a player?

Patrick Omameh: "It was pretty emotional. I really would like to put them in a bowl game, but we hopefully will see them around, they'll come back. Hopefully we'll see a couple of them playing on Sundays next year."

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