Season Over, Young Players Talk: Tay Odoms

With the football season over and the Football Bust as well, some Wolverine youngsters talk about this season and next ... Martavious Odoms.

Question: Tell me a little about towards the end of the season, you were kind of nicked up and slowed you down wasn't the Tay that we were used to seeing.

Martavious Odoms: "The injury really slowed me down. I missed a few games."

Question: Can you tell me what the injury was specifically.

Martavious Odoms: "I think I had sprained my knee – the back of my knee. It slowed me down. I can't really cut how I usually cut. It's supposed to heal on its own and I waited and I kept waiting. It kept getting better and better. I tried to play today. I ran pretty good. In my position, Roy Roundtree stepped it up and that's what you're supposed to and he did and he played a good game today."

Question: Can you tell me what the seniors said to you guys at the end (of the season)?

Martavious Odoms: "They was just telling us to work hard because we don't want to feel that same feeling that they feeling."

Question: Anyone specific that stood up and talked as a senior?

Martavious Odoms: "No all of them. All the seniors every day, they talk and try to motivate us to do (better)."

Question: I know you guys hear so much negativity outside the program, just speaking for you, what is it all about for you? Is it not listening about what's going on out there or is it just you guys in the locker room?

Martavious Odoms: "Me personally, I've never listened to the outsiders. You hear it, you don't have no choice but to hear it, but it is either for you to take it in or just let it go. Some people don't be meaning it… they just be saying things because we lost or they mad or some stuff like that. So you just let it go."

Question: What will you do to help get this team going next year?

Martavious Odoms: "The team is going. I just need to do my job and hopefully my teammates, I know they going to be doing their job, so we'll be okay."

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