Season Over, Young Players Talk: Big Will

With the football season over and the Football Bust as well, some Wolverine youngsters talk about this season and next ... Big Will Campbell.

Question: Can you talk about what kind of influence Brandon Graham has been on you this season?

Will Campbell: "He's just been like a teacher. I just try to do everything like he did. He'd try to go up on the weight in the weight room, I did. Whatever he did, I tried to do. He just showed me the way basically."

Question: You had a few things to learn this year; can you just tell me what you learned this year that will really help you and push it next year to play better?

Will Campbell: "Yeah he just told me today that nobody up here…if I work hard there is nobody that can stop me. I'm just listening to him. See it worked for him this year, he was unstoppable, so this year I'm just going to try and do what he told me to do."

Question: Tell me what it meant to play in the rivalry game like Ohio State; the greatest rivalry in all of college sports?

Will Campbell: "It was crazy. The start of this week that's all I heard about, Ohio State and Michigan playing. It was just great. The atmosphere was great. I was glad I could be in it."

Question: Can you gauge how well you played for your first year; how did you do?

Will Campbell: "I think I did alright, but I think I can do better, but I'm just going to work hard and try to come out next year and play harder."

Brandon Graham on Will Campbell…

Question: Big Will Campbell was talking about how important your work to him this year; can you talk about his development?

Brandon Graham: "I see Will being the best defensive tackle in the nation before his junior year. That boy work hard. That boy looked up to me a lot, so I made sure that I been a positive role model to me because if you look up to me that much, I've got to do nothing but make myself better."

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