Season Over, Frosh Talk: Toussaint, Gordon

With the football season over and the Football Bust as well, some Wolverine youngsters talk about this season and next ... Fitzgerald Toussaint, Thomas Gordon.

Fitzgerald Toussaint:

Question: I know you didn't get a chance to play like you planned to, but how do you feel like you progressed through the course of the year?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Being a redshirt freshman caused everything to go in the right direction. Going against the number one defense, hitting the weight room hard, keeping things good academically. I feel real fit. I'm ready to put in work."

Question: With so many backs leaving, there is going to be a real opportunity in the spring. Do you sense there are some things that you can do preparation wise heading into that?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Work with the team and take whatever I can get. I'm not going to be greedy, still going to be able to share with everybody."

Question: You were on the scout team and you were able to get back right after your shoulder got right; did you feel like as the fall went on, you were getting stronger and you were feeling like your old self again?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Definitely. Credit to the coaching staff, strength and conditioning staff, Coach Barwis, they set up everything up nice."

Question: What are the coaches saying that they want to see with you in the course of the offseason so that you ready when spring comes around?

Fitzgerald Toussaint: "Just learn that playbook."


Thomas Gordon

Question: I know you didn't get a chance to play but how would you say you progressed over the course of the year?

Thomas Gordon: "As far as still, we still practice on scout team and stuff and it gave me a chance to compete with guys that I know have good talent, so I think improved myself over the season."

Question: What exactly happened to you earlier in the year; I know it was an injury but what kind of injury did you sustain?

Thomas Gordon: "I sprained an ankle on my left foot. I went up for a pass, came down and somebody fell on my ankle."

Question: Talking to the coaches it sounded like up until that point you were really making a move, you were really making a push for some playing time; did you sort of see that on the field?

Thomas Gordon: "Yeah. I was getting a lot of reps with the twos and the ones. Some stuff don't shake your way, but I can bounce back off of it."

Question: Looking ahead, I know you going to getting sometime at safety, is that a set thing for you or might you play another position; what is in store for you going down the road?

Thomas Gordon: "I'm sticking at safety, but I could move to Stevie's (Brown) spot. I'm not for sure what it's called, but they said if I put on weight I might move there but safety for sure."

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