Jerald Robinson Sees Bright Future at UM

The long committed receiver finally took in his official visit to Ann Arbor with host of other committed and uncommitted prospects. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Buckeye State star to get his feelings on the visit, the other prospects, his early enrollment, and his thoughts on the future.

Jerald Robinson committed to Michigan early in the spring after the Wolverines were the first to extend him an offer.  A frequent unofficial visitor to Ann Arbor, the Canton South star finally took his official visit to Michigan this past weekend, and came away thrilled.

"This weekend my host was J.T. Turner, and I'm pretty familiar with him from when we were younger and everything," Robinson told GoBlueWolverine.  "I got to experience the campus life and meet different people and experience new things.  All the stuff I did at UM before -- just this weekend man I got to do more, and had a real good time."

One of the biggest parts of his visit was checking out some of the finally finished facilities that Michigan had installed over the past year.  They certainly did their job to impress. 

"They finally finished the new indoor facility, so that was really nice," stated Robinson.  "They've got a long jump pit they got in there for agility and things, they got this game room for players to go to where we can play the Xbox or the Playstation, and you can even shoot basketball when you don't have class or you're done working out or you don't have anything to do.  It's just a place to chill."

After seeing all of the new amenities that the Wolverines will offer, Robinson got to spend time with several of his future teammates.

"Really, we all chilled with each other," he said.  "We were with Mike Cox for a bit, and (Mike) Shaw, Roy Roundtree.  I saw Tate (Forcier) a couple of times, Will Campbell.  Pretty much most of the players were on campus.  I saw Greg Mathews and Donovan Warren and I was with them last night.  I'm not going to say what Donovan is doing, that's his deal.  I don't know exactly what he's going to do, but I do know he was real cool and told me if I work hard and do my thing, I can get in there and play early.  He told me since I was going in early, that's a big advantage and that I was a good player and good luck."

When not hearing about the virtues of Michigan from the current Wolverines, Robinson was busy sharing them with some of the prospects he trying to help recruit into the family.  Michigan played host to Sean Parker, Richard Ash, and Johnathan Hankins.  Robinson was sure to put his word in on each.

"Johnathan, actually, he was kind of… he wasn't really speaking to anyone, he was just quiet," Robinson recalled.  "We finally got him loosened up and interacting with all of the players, and he ended up really liking it a lot.  He was real quiet the whole trip, but he ended up opening up and telling us that he was kind of liking us more than Virginia because we were more family oriented and he liked it a lot.  Sean Parker, I'm pretty sure he liked it.  I didn't get to talk to him that much and I don't know who his host was, but I'm pretty sure he liked it cause everytime I'd see him he had a smile on his face.  Richard Ash, he had a good time and everything.  I'm pretty sure at least one of three recruits will commit.  I know they had a real good time."

In less than a month, fans in the Wolverine Nation will get to officially welcome Robinson to the fold, as he will be an early enroller into the Michigan program.
"I had to take care of my classes over the summer, and now I'm down to my last two weeks of school," he said proudly.  "All I have to do is finish my writing part on the ACT and then I'm in.  I enroll January 3rd, and I start classes on January 6th.  Most likely I'll be rooming with J.T. Turner."

The visit also paved way for Robinson to spend more time with the coaches, something that's harder during the season and during unofficial visits.  The extra time only re-affirmed everything talented youngster was already feeling, it fueled him with more desire.

"They told me they know that I'm a good player," said Robinson.  "Right before we left I got some one on one time with Coach Rod and he was telling me as long as I work hard and do what I have to do, it's like last year they played a lot of freshman, and he expects to play the same, because we're losing a lot at the outside receiver.  He was telling me I've got the capability of being a real good player and coming in.  They know what I can do or they wouldn't have recruited me.  He said as long as I go in there and play like they know I can and stay on top academically, I can be a great player and play in my freshman year."

Robinson has two more things on his mind as he heads into his last month as a high schooler.  The biggest part of that schedule will be preparing himself for Michigan's heralded strength and conditioning program.

"For the next month, all I'm going to be doing is working out," Robinson reported.  "As soon as we get on campus, we start our workouts with Coach Barwis, and if you meet Coach Barwis, you'll understand why I'm going to start working out this week.  If you know him, you'll understand (laughing)."

The last part of his focus over the next week will be talking, albeit lightly, to other prospects as the 2010 recruiting season heads into the home stretch.  One of the main prospects he talks to is a certain Maryland linebacker.

"That's what Ricardo (Miller) does, he pretty much does all of that, but I talk to a couple players every now and then like Josh Furman," he said.  "I really think we're going to get him.  He really likes it.  He's just going to wait it out and announce at the Crab Bowl, but I think we're going to get him for sure.  Hopefully we can do that -- then our 2010 class will be set.  I think we have one of the strongest classes coming in, and over my next four years, we're going to get a National Championship.  One or more!"

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