Avery spends time with his new family

Lexington Ohio defensive back Courtney Avery went on his official visit this past weekend. He talked to GBW about the good time he had with his future coaches and teammates, as well as the opportunity to come in right away and compete for playing time.

Last weekend must have felt like a family reunion for Courtney Avery. He had a chance to reconnect with his Michigan family.

"The visit went great. I spent time with guys that I talk with all the time on the phone -- Ricardo Miller, Jeremy Jackson and Jerald Robinson. We had a good time. Jerald was just teasing me about he is going to get a head start on me because he is coming in January. We are all really close, and the other recruits that were there noticed that as well."

Courtney was hoping to bring another recruit into the fold as well.

"Sean Parker the safety out of California, me and Sean talked a lot. I was in his ear about coming to Michigan. Sean really seemed to enjoy his visit I told him how I needed him backing me out there at safety while I am playing cornerback.

With Courtney enjoying himself so much with his new crew, we asked him what impressed him the most about his visit this weekend.

"The players impressed me the most -- the way they are so close with each other, the guys were getting on each other all in fun just like brothers do. That's what it is all about."

The players quickly let him know the expectations for next year.

"I talked with Denard Robinson. He is a funny guy, he told me what they expect to do next year. Denard said how we are going to make some noise next year. Listening to him and some of the guys talking they seriously believe next year is their year, and I believe it too. I believe we will finish stronger next year. J.T. Floyd talk to me also and he said how we are going to be locking up receivers. I like him -- he is a cool guy just like the rest of them."

Patrick Omameh the offensive guard spoke with Courtney about something that is very important in his life.

"Patrick talked with me about academics and how challenging it will be. academics are important and I am looking forward to do well there. I talked with Shari Acho (academic advisor) and she just laid it out there about what to expect as a freshmen."

Courtney also enjoyed his time with the coaches. He has really built a very solid relationship with Coach Bruce Tall.

"I really like Coach Tall. He is very approachable and we have really built a good relationship with each other. He is the type of coach I can talk with. He is a good guy."

The coaches really tried to help him understand how his mind set should be when he comes up in June.

"Coach Gibson told me not to be content just to be here, but to go and compete hard every practice. Coach Robinson likes the way I play and compete, he likes the type of athlete that I am. I was excited the way those guys were talking to me. I can't wait to get up to Ann Arbor. Coach Rodriguez told me to respect the guys over me and listen when they are trying to coach me up because they have been through it already, but to remember you are there to compete hard so I can get on the field."

Courtney has heard quite a bit of negative talk about Coach Rodriguez but that didn't factor into his decision and how he feels about him at all.

"I have heard all of that but I don't listen to outsiders. I feel as though I am on the inside with them and I understand that it is all about what the people on the inside think at the end of the day."

Courtney did get speak with Coach Rodriguez and spend sometime with him.

"Coach told me how excited he was that I was there and how he will surround all of us with good people. We all had a chance to go over his house after the basketball game on Saturday. He has a nice house and a huge basement -- it was big enough to fit all the coaches, recruits, the host and there families. We had a great time. The coaches' wives were with all the mothers in one part of the basement, and the coaches were with all the fathers watching football."

And, finally, as usual with every recruit that visits Michigan ... they all have a Mike Barwis story, and Courtney has one too.

"Man that guy is something else (laughing). He comes over to hug me and he almost knocks the wind out of me. He has a lot of energy! He told me just keep doing what I am doing and don't worry about putting on the weight because he will take care of that when I get up there."

Overall Courtney had a great time. "The visit went well. When I got home I wished I could go back and start college tomorrow. I miss it already."

Being around family tends to do that.

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