Q&A with Torrian Wilson

The last time GBW did a story on Torrian Wilson, the Miami Northwestern star was fresh off an unofficial visit to Michigan, in which he spoke glowingly about the Wolverines. Shortly after, Wilson took an unofficial visit to Palto Alto, where he pledged to Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford Cardinal. With Signing Day a few months away, are the Wolverines suddenly back in it?

Soflafootball.com publisher Luke Stampini broke the news last week when he reported Torrian Wilson was planning to take some visits.  The news was music to the ears of Michigan fans, knowing the Wolverines were in prime contention for his commitment months ago.  Wilson recently chatted with GBW, in a brief Q & A segment.

GBW:  It's been awhile since we've talked.  What's been going on?

Torrian Wilson:  "Nothing much, I've just been keeping to myself."

GBW:  The word is out in regards to your plans to look around and take visits.  Is Michigan apart of those plans?

Torrian Wilson:  "Yeah, I should be going to Michigan on the weekend of January 22 for an official visit."

GBW:  How did the coaches react when you told them about your interest in Michigan again?

Torrian Wilson:  "They were very excited, and so was I!"

GBW:  You've been to Ann Arbor a couple times for visits, so obviously distance is not a factor.  That said, what are going to be the factors that play into your final decision?

Torrian Wilson:  "Being comfortable with the coaching staff, and where will I have the best chance of coming in and starting.  Those are a couple factors."

GBW:  What have the Michigan coaches told you about playing time?

Torrian Wilson:  "They are telling me I have a good chance of playing."

GBW:  Who is your recruiter?  How is that relationship progressing?

Torrian Wilson:  "Coach Hopson.  We have a real good relationship, we talk every week."

GBW:  What other schools do you plan on visiting?

Torrian Wilson:  "I don't know yet, most likely Tennessee

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