Horford High on Michigan

GoBlueWolverine caught up with class of 2010 big man Jon Horford after his unofficial visit to Michigan Sunday. The Grand Ledge star says the Maize & Blue are currently in a very enviable position on his list.

Sam Webb: Michigan really seems to be turning the heat up on you lately. Where do they currently stand with you?

Jon Horford: "As far as Michigan is concerned, they probably definitely my top school right now."

Sam Webb: Have they offered you a scholarship yet?

Jon Horford: "Basically yes but they have to wait to get my transcript in to make it official. It's there – you know what I'm saying -- just look at the transcripts and make sure the grades are good and everything."

Sam Webb: I know Coach Beilein came out to your game on Friday. You returned the favor by coming up (Sunday) for the U of D game. Did you get a chance to spend any time with him afterward?

Jon Horford: "Yeah after the game today I talked to him. He seems to feel pretty strongly that I would be able to come in and help them out right away from rebounding and blocking shots, doing a little bit of everything."

Sam Webb: So for folks who haven't seen you play; sort of break down your game a little bit; when they see Jon Horford on the court what do they see?

Jon Horford: "They see somebody who works hard, runs the floor, gets rebounds, blocks shots, throws assists, back to the basket. I can also shoot a little bit too."

Sam Webb: Back when Al (Horford) was getting recruited, I talked to Tito (Horford) at the time about Michigan recruiting Al. He had some opinions about Michigan, but obviously really liked Florida. What does your dad think of Michigan, their system, and everything that they've got going on now?

Jon Horford: "He definitely thinks it would be a good fit. He sees an opportunity for me to come in and play right away. That's what he wants to see and that's what I'm looking for."

Sam Webb: So when you get ready to make your decision this spring, what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Jon Horford: "Playing time, but that kind of goes on me in how prepared I am in for the college games, but playing time is definitely up there. How well I get along with the coaching staff has to be up there. I'm going to be there all the time. Getting along with the players is really important too. Other than that, everything else is just on me."

Sam Webb: What is it about Michigan that has them on top right now?

Jon Horford: "The way they play and Coach Beilein. He likes bigs to shoot and I definitely want to…I know he can help me develop my shot a little bit more and that's what I'm looking for. They run an offense that I'd like to be a part of. (DeShawn) Sims and the way he plays – that's my kind of basketball. I like it."

Sam Webb: Aside from Michigan who are the main schools that are kind of looking at you right now?

Jon Horford: "Michigan, Alabama, Kentucky, Providence and Minnesota."

Sam Webb: Of those schools, which ones have offered you scholarships?

Jon Horford: "All of them except for Kentucky."

Sam Webb: Are you going to be taking any more visits any time soon?

Jon Horford: "That's a possibility. I have nothing planned right now, but Kentucky has been calling my dad and trying to get us to come down and watch a game. I might go down there but nothing is for sure."

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