A Change of Plans for Hankins

The recruitment of Detroit Southeastern DT Johnathan Hankins has had a lot of twists and turns in recent weeks. After a slew of in-home visits this week, he revealed yet another change.

Sam Webb: So did all the in-homes you were planning occur as scheduled?

Johnathan Hankins: "Ohio State came today… the defensive coordinator."

Sam Webb: When is Jim Tressel supposed to come through?

Johnathan Hankins: "He came through already.  He came last Friday."

Sam Webb: Were there any others this week?

Johnathan Hankins: "Florida came I think Wednesday."

Sam Webb: I know you said Alabama was coming through.  Did they make it?

Johnathan Hankins: "(Alabama assistant) Coach Bobby Williams came.  Most of the head coaches didn't come this week.  They're going to come after the bowl game."

Sam Webb: So does that mean you're going to wait to make your decision until after the bowl game now?

Johnathan Hankins: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: What's the reason for you delaying things a little bit more?

Johnathan Hankins: "Alabama came in and (Detroit Southeastern assistant) Coach (Archie Collins) wants to see what they've got to offer."

Sam Webb: Are you paying attention to how many scholarships the schools you're looking at have left?  Michigan just picked up defensive tackle Richard Ash?  Have they talked to you about that?

Johnathan Hankins: "They called and let me know. "

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you about how many spots they have left?

Johnathan Hankins: "They said they've got one open and they really want me, but if it gets filled it gets filled.  But they need me and they want me so… I just said alright.  I'm not too worried about competition if I go there."

Sam Webb: I know you said your parents had been talking to you about the timing of your decision.  How are they with your decision to wait until after the New Year?

Johnathan Hankins: "Uhhh, right now they're not really thinking about it.  Yesterday they asked me, ‘where are you going?'  I answered, ‘I don't know yet.'  But around the house everybody wants me to go to Michigan and is liking Michigan. "

Sam Webb: Back to Alabama for a minute.  You mentioned that you preferred to be closer to home… which is why Ohio State and Michigan were higher up. If Alabama offers will they we lower on your list with Florida because of distance?

Johnathan Hankins: " Nah… right now I'm still considering Florida and that is one of the schools I really like.  I don't really have no problem leaving home.  Either way it goes it will be a good decision for me."

Sam Webb: Does that mean that you're going to try to take a visit to Alabama?

Johnathan Hankins: "Yeah, that's what Coach Collins is setting up right now."

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