Amaker on Tomorrow's Indiana Game

Tommy Amaker's Monday afternoon press conference.

On what it is like to be tied for the Big Ten lead with Purdue (both at 7-2) over half way throught the conference season:

"Certainly, at the end of the day when you lay your head down at night, it feels great to know that our players have put us in a position to be a contender. I think that's exciting. It's very significant and meaningful for our program at this time."

On Senior LaVell Blanchard's and junior Bernard Robinson's 'long hard road' at Michigan up until this season:

"I think that makes us even hungrier that we have older players that have been through a lot, and have been through some lean times. We've been through some valleys and now we have an opportunity to maybe be at the mountaintop. That's exciting."

(AP Photo)

Michigan travels tomorrow (Wednesday) to Indiana, 14-8 overall, and 4-5 in the Big Ten with a five game losing streak. Amaker regarding his first visit to Assembly Hall:

"I'm looking forward to that, well, at least I'm saying that now. I've always wondered what it's like in there. It's an historic place."

And finally, after the game, Amaker and other Michigan administrators will travel to Florida for a hearing Friday before the NCAA committee on infractions. Amaker:

"I'm focused on Wednesday. I've been focused on our team and our players all year. I don't know what to expect Friday."

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