Furman: "Michigan is Where I Want to Be"

Old Mills (MD) safety Josh Furman committed to the Michigan Wolverines. As a matter of fact, he committed a while ago. Over the past few days he went in depth with GoBlueWolverine about why. (Part 1 of 2)

Old Mills (MD) S/LB Josh Furman phoned me one month ago at about 11:30 pm one night and said, "It just hit me I know where I want to go to school."

Just like that a decision that he had been wrestling with for months… whether to become a Wolverine or a Hokie… was done.  In the end it was all the advantages that Michigan had to offer that tipped the scales in their favor.

"I knew a month ago that Michigan is where I want to be. It became so much clearer for me that I was 100 percent certain on my decision," he said.  "Then when I was injured it made my decision even that much more important to me because I can't play football forever but I can have a degree from Michigan which carries a lot of weight anywhere I go. Then there is an opportunity to play right away.  Plus Michigan's strength and condition program and what it could do for me physically was huge. Man I can't wait! I am looking forward to going to Ann Arbor to work with Coach Mike Barwis and be with my teammates."

So what was the hold up in letting the world know of his decision?

"We can't announce until the Crab Bowl on December 19th," he said late that November night.

The talented youngster wanted to make sure he kept his word to make public his decision during his state's All Star game.  But it took everything in him to hold it in.  He was anxious to let everyone know how the Maize & Blue caught his eye in the first place.  Was it a visit from Coach Dews? Was it talking with former players?   Was it something Coach Rodriguez said?  The answer is none of the above.  It was actually his viewing of THE Game between Michigan and Ohio State back in 2006.

"I remember watching the Michigan vs. Ohio State game and a personal foul penalty was called on Shawn Crable for a hit on Troy Smith that the referee thought was out of bounds," Furman recalled.  "It was not a personal foul because Troy was still in bounds when Crable hit him; if they would not have called that penalty Michigan could have had a chance to come back and win. I was so mad after that game that me and my cousin went and played College Football 2007 and I inserted myself into the game at safety for Michigan and we won the game."

That's when the Maize & Blue seeds were laid.  Now they've finally sprouted.

"I am just happy that it is over with I wanted everyone to know that I am a Michigan Wolverine," he said.  "I now know where I will spend the next four years."

Coming up in part II Furman sheds more light in his decision to become a Wolverine.

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