Furman Felt the Michigan Difference

More from Old Mills (MD) star Josh Furman on why he committed to the University of Michigan. The talented youngster discusses his relationship with the coaching staff, the impressive fan base in Ann Arbor, and more. (Part 2 of 2)

During the recruiting process numerous prospects tend to enjoy hearing the grandiose plans that colleges have for their futures. Josh Furman was no different.  The versatile youngster had a chance to speak extensively with defensive coordinator Greg Robinson and came away fired up and ready to play.

"After talking with Coach Robinson I was so hyped about some of the things he was telling me," Furman recalled.  "I think very highly of him as a man and a coach.  It makes me comfortable knowing he will be my defensive coordinator."

"Coach told me he is a teacher," Furman continued.  "He said he would not teach me to be a great athlete, but a great football player.  That fired me up!  He also talked with me about the safety/linebacker position and where he sees me in it. I was happy to hear the plans that he has for me in his defense."

The football staff in Ann Arbor hit Josh early and often why Michigan is the best fit, but it was assistant Coach Tony Dews hammered that point home the most.

"When I received that offer I was so happy me and my coach were jumping around and slapping hands. I was texting everyone I knew letting them know that I received an offer from Michigan," remembered Furman.  "I wish I could go back to that time based on how I was feeling when I received that offer from Michigan because it made me so happy.  But I don't think I would have felt Michigan the way I did if it was not for Coach Dews.  I connected with him from day one.  I would randomly call him and ask about his family and we would talk about everything, football included. If it was not for him I don't think I would have looked at Michigan as hard as I did because of the early relationship we developed."

The strength of Furman's feelings for the Maize & Blue was tested as he got deeper into the recruiting process and he began to hear some negative things about Coach Rodriguez. But rather than buy into what others were saying, the Old Mills high standout decided to find out about the man for himself.

"With him being on the big stage he is going to get criticized," said Furman.  "With that in mind, it is up to the recruit to get a feel for the coach. I feel like I have a great feel for Coach Rodriguez and what he is doing with the program both now and in the future. Besides, I am only listening to what is going on in our locker room and with the people that are supporting Michigan football."

As much as Furman likes the Michigan staff, it might have been the fans and alumni that pushed the Wolverines over the top.

"The people actually do it for me," he stated.  "When I was up there I talked to fans and some alumni that went to Michigan 20 years ago. The fact that they still come back to see their school play is amazing.  That right there is a love that they have for Michigan.  It is what makes me want to be a part of the Wolverine family."

Josh's father Tyrone was sold from the beginning on the atmosphere at Michigan, and he told his son as much after the visits to Michigan and Virginia Tech.

"I told my son that Michigan was the best place he could go," Mr. Furman stated.  "It offers great academics and a solid football program with great tradition. I was impressed when I went on the visit, and I was even more impressed after the visit. Josh has a chance to play right away at a big time program and receive a degree from one of the top academic schools in the country.  What more could you ask for?"

Added Josh, "This experience has made me and my dad closer -- just being able to talk about the recruiting process with him."

Now that this important decision is behind, what will Furman do now?

"I think I just will relax," he said.  "It has been a tough month because I wanted to announce right away but I decided to wait."

THere's no more stress for Josh Furman now.  He has finally told everyone where he wants to be -- and that is the University of Michigan. 

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