NFL Draft Profiles: Hobson, Orr

We at are pleased to bring to you the second 'batch' of draft profiles from Justin Van Fulpen.<br><br> Van Fulpen is an independent NFL scout. As a draft professional that works with many different NFL teams, he visits the University of Michigan often. He is a regular guest on many sports talk radio shows, providing expert insight and analysis on the game of football, both college and NFL. <br><br> Today, Victor Hobson and Shantee Orr.

OLB Victor Hobson, 6-1 245 – Hobson started 5 games as a red shirt freshman and has started ever since. He is considered by many on the Michigan staff as the teams most consistent and reliable LB over his career.

POSTIVES: Hobson has great instincts and is very smart. He does a great job at getting off blocks from fullbacks and offensive linemen. He is a very physical player who has great read and react skills. Hobson has great athletic ability and gets depth on his pass drops. He also has the ability to blitz and make plays in every direction.

NEGATIVES: Hobson lacks great speed and height. He also lacks great quickness in coverage, does not have the great explosion, and has only average cover skills.

BOTTOM LINE: Hobson is a very good overall outside linebacker who finished off his Michigan career with a great game in the Outback Bowl against Florida. His senior year he led Michigan in tackles with 99 and had 17 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, and 2 interceptions. Most of the better underclassmen linebackers are going back to school for their senior season. That helped Hobson's draft status and will likely be drafted in the 3rd round.


DE/OLB Shantee Orr, 6-1 255 - The Wolverines didn't lose any juniors to the NFL draft, but Shatee Orr was a senior and had one year of eligibility left. Orr has decided not to use that 5th year of eligibility and to come out early for NFL Draft. Orr reminds me of the Detroit Lions and former Wolverine James Hall.

POSITIVES: Orr is a great up field pass rusher; he has good quickness and a good first step that allows him to explode up field. He has good strength and uses an arm over swim move as his number one pass-rushing move. He is a good tackler with good explosiveness into the ball carrier.

WEAKNESS: Lacks height, and will get stoned at the line of scrimmage sometimes. Orr doesn't have the cover ability to be an outside linebacker in a 4-3 defense. He lacks weight to be a run stopping defensive end, and has missed some time with a knee injury this season.

BOTTOM LINE: Orr was not 100% for this whole season and made a mistake by coming out early. He lacks size and height and that makes him a pass rushing specialist in the NFL as either a 3rd down DE or a pass rushing OLB in a 3-4 defense. Orr should have come back for his 5th year senior season to raise his draft status. He will have to show a lot at U of M's pro day to get drafted before the 6th round. Right now Orr is a 6th, or 7th round draft pick.


Here is a repeat of the first two we ran a while ago, on Bennie Joppru and BJ Askew.

TE Bennie Joppru, 6-5 245 lbs. Joppru improved his draft stock a great deal during his senior season with 53 catches this year for 579 yards and 5 TD's.

POSITIVES: Joppru has great hands and very good speed for a tight end. Joppru does a good job finding the soft spots in zone and knows how to get open. He runs great routes and has the ability to make linebackers miss in coverage. He also does a good job in the middle of the field to give the quarterback a big target to throw to.

NEGATIVES: Joppru struggles with lower body strength and his blocking is what seems to suffer. He doesn't do a very good job as a run blocker. He lacks strength, leg drive and doesn't do a very good job at the point of attack.

BOTTOM LINE: Joppru is not a big and powerful player, but he can generally get the job done blocking with proper technique. Joppru has great speed and hands as a receiver and shown great improvement this season. He will end up being a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.


FB B.J. Askew, 6-3 228 lbs. Askew at times has been Michigan's feature runner because of injuries to other running backs. Askew's natural position is as lead fullback, and he brings a lot of athletic ability to the position.

POSITIVES: Askew has great running ability for a fullback since he has played in the tailback role in the past. He has very good speed and is a very good receiver out of the backfield. He has great hands and knows how to run routes because sometimes at Michigan he got split wide to take advantage of his size over cornerbacks. He is fast enough to get around the corner and has the ability to make people miss.

NEGATIVES: He doesn't have great size and needs to gains some weight and strength to play in the NFL. He is not dominant at the point of attack with lead blocking. He is not a big, strong led blocker that finishes off opponents or moves defenders out of the play.

BOTTOM LINE: Askew is a "West Coast offense" kind of full back who can run, catch and block. He would give teams an extra dimension as a pure runner at fullback. Right now it looks as if Askew will be a 5th round pick.

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