Amaker & Robinson Discuss Loss

Following the match-up with Indiana, Head Coach Tommy Amaker and Bernard Robinson Jr. met with the media to discuss the disappointing loss.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game and the first-half deficit:

"It certainly got away from us in the first half. I'm disappointed in our ball club. We got out-hustled and out-played by Indiana. They did a good job. We didn't play the way we have been playing for the last two months. We were embarrassed. You can't play in that manner in a place like this. We got beat handily by a team that really deserved to win tonight."

On Indiana playing with its back against the wall:

"They played with great emotion and hustle. (A.J.) Moye really did that for them. We tried to withstand that but they really played a good game."

On the scoring troubles:

"We were careless with the basketball. We were out of character. We aren't the type of team that can make up for those kinds of mistakes. We went to the line just five times and that was because we weren't going to the basket strong and the outcome reflected that."

Bernard Robinson Jr.

On Indiana's play:

"We weren't able to match their intensity. That hurt us in the long run. Give them credit."

On Michigan's rebounding problems:

"They were able to get to the ball quicker than us tonight. We're usually the team that does that but we weren't doing that tonight."

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