UA Interviews: Torrian Wilson

Miami (FL) Northwestern OL Torrian Wilson is among the walking wounded in Orlando this week, but that hasn't stopped him from chatting with the media. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the former Stanford commit to discuss how Michigan Assistant Jay Hopson's departure will affect his recruitment, his visit schedule, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Are you able to go full go out there right now even with your knee?

Torrian Wilson: "I do not think so.  I think I just might sit it out the rest of the week and just focus on the college career and getting back to 100%."

Sam Webb:  Recently you backed out of the Stanford commitment.  Can you explain again what the rationale was behind that?

Torrian Wilson: "First Coach Taggart, my recruiting coach – he left and in addition, they were a little too far (from home)."

Sam Webb:  As far as your list stands right now, what is it USF, Michigan and who was the other one?

Torrian Wilson: "Tennessee."

Sam Webb:  Is distance going to be a factor with those three schools?

Torrian Wilson: "No.  I'm visiting them in January."

Sam Webb:  What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice now?

Torrian Wilson: "Number one is going to be the academics, which one has the best academics because that's what my mom wants.  Two is whether or not I get along with the coaches and whether I feel at home when I step on campus."

Sam Webb:  You have a teammate in Todd Chandler who committed to South Florida… is that a big factor in what you're doing right now?

Torrian Wilson: "Not really.  Todd always tells me, whatever I choose... he's going to be behind me 100%.  Whatever I choose it is going to be what it is."

Sam Webb:  What about early playing time?

Torrian Wilson: "That's number one, well number two because academics number one.  That's number two.  I want to go somewhere where I'm going to start as a true freshman."

Sam Webb:  You said you are taking them all in January; have you scheduled all of them yet?

Torrian Wilson: "I scheduled Michigan and Tennessee."

Sam Webb:  What dates would those be exactly?

Torrian Wilson: "Michigan is on the 22nd and Tennessee is on the 15th."

Sam Webb:  Who is recruiting you for Michigan?

Torrian Wilson: "It was Coach Hopson."

Sam Webb:  With Coach Hopson leaving, is that going to affect Michigan's standing on your list?

Torrian Wilson: "Not really because the whole coaching staff showed me a lot of love when I go out there.  That's not really a biggest factor, but it is a big factor."

Sam Webb:  How was the unofficial visit to Ann Arbor for you?

Torrian Wilson: "It was a great experience, stepping in the college atmosphere.  Everything felt at home for me."

Sam Webb:  You have family up that way don't you?

Torrian Wilson: "Yeah.  I got an aunt and uncle. If I feel homesick I could just go to my aunt and uncles house and feel back at home."

Sam Webb:  Is it going to be a signing day decision for you?

Torrian Wilson: "Yeah."

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