More Changes for Chandler

GBW talked to the Miami Northwestern defensive tackle on this rainy day at the UA Festivities. More changes may be afoot for Chandler.

Sam Webb: How are things going for you so far?

Todd Chandler: "We're going pretty good getting after them guys. They trying to do their job but it is all having fun."

Sam Webb: Has anybody been able to slow you down?

Todd Chandler: "I wouldn't say they was slowing me down, but they was trying to do their job, but I was just doing my job better."

Sam Webb: For people who haven't seen you play, describe your game a little bit – is there a player in the college or pros that you compare yourself to?

Todd Chandler: "I try not to compare myself to nobody. I just try to get better. I can see myself playing like Marcus Fortson; he like raise me and brought me up – him and Ronald Jackson. I try to use my aggression and since I'm kind of short, I try to use my size to get up under the big offensive lineman and then use my power, strength and speed to get past them and around them."

Sam Webb: Everybody knows you were committed to Miami for a while; what happened with them?

Todd Chandler: "A couple of things, but I do not really want to touch on that because I do not know the truth. I heard they thought I was going de-commit or something like that. I was the longest commit… for almost like a year and I wasn't thinking about de-committing but a lot of things happened, and I do not really know. I ain't really going to touch on that."

Sam Webb: Who are the mains schools that you are looking at right now?

Todd Chandler: "I'd say FIU (Florida International), South Florida, Colorado State, Syracuse and Louisville."

Sam Webb: I heard at one point you were looking at Michigan. Are you not looking them now?

Todd Chandler: "Michigan came down to school last week before we had let out and I was talking to their coach and that was the only coach (Coach Hopson) that started recruiting me and told me that they wanted me to take a visit. Then like the next week, he moved to Memphis so now Memphis is recruiting me hard. I do not know what to really say about Michigan."

Sam Webb: So does that mean the trip to Michigan is no longer on the table?

Todd Chandler: "I think Memphis has moved into that spot because I haven't heard from any Michigan coach after that coach went to Memphis. I do not want waste anybody's time while they be doing their job, so I'll say Michigan is out right now."

Sam Webb: So if you talked to a Michigan coach once they are allowed to start calling again after you're done with this game, would that change things for you?

Todd Chandler: "Like I said anything happens in recruiting. I do not really want to shut the door on nobody."

Sam Webb: How many visits are you taking?

Todd Chandler: "Five. I already had one to Colorado State."

Sam Webb: So you've got four left?

Todd Chandler: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: Where do you plan to go?

Todd Chandler: "I already got some dates set. I got Louisville on the eighth and then on the 15th I got Syracuse and on the 22nd, I was going to Michigan but now I think I might to Memphis and on the 29th I got FIU."

Sam Webb: How much of a factor will Torrian (Wilson) be. You guys are considering some of the same schools? Are you guys going to go to the same school?

Todd Chandler: "Anything can happen. Me and Torrian are good friends every since he came in, in the 10th grade year and we bonded ever since then – who knows?"

Sam Webb: When do you think you might make a decision?

Todd Chandler: "I'm going to have to talk it over with my family, my mom, my dad, my uncles and aunts, get their takes on it and see if they coming with the school or not. I know at the end of the day it will still going to come down to my decision. I'll talk to my family and see what I should do and after that it will be done."

Sam Webb: I was reading on the internet that your mom lives in Tampa?

Todd Chandler: "Yes sir."

Sam Webb: How big of a deal is that as far as your commitment to USF is concerned?

Todd Chandler: "Everybody said that that is going to play a factor in my recruiting, but my mom told me that do not let that weigh in on my recruiting and my dad also told me that. I'm just going to sit down with them and let them know how I'm feeling and see how their feeling and we'll go from there."

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