From New AD's Presser: RR, Factions, Hoops

David Brandon: on Coach Rodriguez; on the factions in the Athletic Department regarding football; on the hoops facilities.

On Coach Rod:

"Rich Rodriguez is the football coach at the University of Michigan. He has an awesome responsibility, and has a proven track record of winning at the highest levels. I have great respect for Rich and I look forward to getting to know him better and getting a chance to work with him."

"We sing about being the champions, the Leaders and the Best. That's what we want to be. Nobody wants to be that more than Rich Rodriguez. I don't need to know him better than I know him today to know that nobody wants to win more than Rich Rodriguez and his staff and all the people who are part of that program."

On the Factions around U-M Football:

Factions and divisiveness are enemies of success. I feel strongly that to the extend there has been any fracturing that has occurred as a result of whatever, it's something that needs immediate attention. It needs to be fixed. And truthfully, it won't be tolerated."

On Basketball Facilities:

"(Coach Beilein) needs those practice facilities. He needs them for recruiting, he needs them logistically, just to get his team on the floor when he wants them to be there, to practice at the level they need to practice to be successful. I'm anxious to be part of that expansion, and I'm anxious to see what we can do to make Crisler Arena a more competitive place for not only our team and our recruits, but our fans."

Note: a Crisler renovation is expected to be approved by the regents in their late-January meeting, when Brandon will be formally approved as well.

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