Junior Recruiting Days

Former Assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet talks to us about the beginning of the 'new recruiting year' -- "We would invite kids in for one or two fairly big 'Junior Days' during home basketball games ..." Today's Ohio State is a perfect game for such a junior day.


"We would invite kids in for one or two fairly big Junior Days during home basketball games. These would be instate and regional kids, almost always the closer-in Midwestern guys -- they have to pay their own way over for an unofficial visit of course."

How would you decide who to invite?

"A lot of these would be kids that we liked from the past summer's camp. Also, when the coaches are on the road in December and January, high school coaches talk to them about juniors they liked, or show them film -- by getting these kids to a game the Michigan coaches get to see what these kids look like physically, etc."

What happens during the unofficial visit?

"Well, this depends on what stage a kid's recruiting is at. We'd meet briefly with all the kids before the game and at half time (with the football lockerroom undergoing rebuilding right now I'm not sure how they are going to do this this year). Some kids get brief personal meetings with a coach or coaches afterward. And a few kids would even get a meeting with Coach Carr to get a formal scholarship offer ... some we'd even hope would go ahead and commit -- and a few did, such as Jake Long last year. If time premits there is also a brief campus tour."

How many Juniors Days does Michigan have?

"The years I was at Michigan (1998-02) we would have at least two junior recruiting days at basketball games. We would bring in as many as 30 kids, although sometimes there were 10 kids or less. It looks like they may be doing it a little differently this year ... more like one big formal junior day, and then hosting a few kids here and there at almost all weekend home games."

"This would be a good game to bring in some kids from Ohio, wouldn't it."

"You know, people tend to think recruiting is easy at Michigan. But as you know, it isn't. Recruiting is hard, so it's important to 'get up early' and get off to a fast start."

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