Army Combine Top Performers (Skill Positions)

GoBlueWolverine's Eugene Hankerson breaks down the standouts from last week's talent laden event. Included are scouting reports on Michigan targets Chavell Buie, Desmond Jackson, Damiere Byrd, and more.

Army Combine Top Performers (Skill Positions)

To be completely honest, nobody stood out in this group.  Way too many over and under throws.  Admittedly, it's tough to get into any type of rhythm due to the lack of reps, the idle time between throws, and the unfamiliarity with the receivers.

Running Backs
Justice HayesAn excellent do it all type of athlete.  Hayes had a good day, showing the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, and quickly get up field.  He's smooth, the kind of player that does a lot of things well, but isn't great in any certain phase of the game. 

Chavelle Buie:  This kid can go.  Had a chance to see just a few of his reps, but trust me when I say that he is explosive.  It is truly not fair for linebackers to cover him.

Kasen WilliamsElite router runner who shows surprising quickness in and out of cuts.  Physically, Williams has a strong upper body, which he used to out muscle defensive backs when the ball was up for grabs.

Damiere ByrdOne of the fastest players in the country, Byrd showed that he's more than just a speed guy.  He ran good routes, created separation from defenders, and was able to high point the football.

Keante MinorA star in the making.  Minor has great speed and leaping ability.  He's a true vertical threat, which caused the defensive backs to play off of him, which led to Minor catching numerous short passes for long gains.

Hakeem FlowersDidn't have a great day as some may have expected, but his performance is worth noting.  Flowers has good hands and body control, which he used to fend off defenders and bring down jump balls.  He will be a good possession receiver on the next level.

Blake BlackwellOne of the many Cass Tech kids on hand, this young wide out has loads of potential.  Blake was very productive, catching passes all over the field.  He has good size, but his best asset maybe hustle and desire.  Blake gives maximum effort on every play.  He's one to watch.

Defensive Tackle
Desmond JacksonThe most dominant defensive prospect at the combine, winning every 1 on 1 battle.  Jackson was either too strong or too quick for his opponents.  The most anticipated matchup of the day was Jackson facing highly touted Aundre Walker of Glennville, but it never lived up to the hype, as Jackson beat him every time, forcing Walker to remove himself from the 1 on 1's for awhile.  Jackson is that good!

Derrick AlexanderHas a nonstop motor, seemingly tired offensive line out because of his agility and relentlessness.  Alexander has a few moves once engaged, but really had his swim rip right, swim left move working for him.

Defensive End
Cory Marshall:  Strong as an ox at the point attack, Marshall tends to overpower whoever is in front of him.  A bit of a tweener at this point because of his size, there is no doubting Marshall's ability to get to the quarterback.  Once he develops some go to moves, it will be hard to block him on a consistent basis.  Reminds me of Sam Montgomery.

James WilderWhere do we start?  Wilder competed at three different positions throughout the combine, and excelled greatly.  He has a great frame, and is cut up like you wouldn't believe.  Wilder showed that he's not all power in the 1 on 1's, using a variety of moves to get past offensive lineman that were 40 to 100 pounds heavier than him.

Quentin Gause: James Wilder may get all the hype, Quentin Gause is put together like you wouldn't believe.  He's athletic to enough to play running back one the next level, but his long term potential is on the defensive side of the ball, as a strong side backer.  Gause look like a 4.5 40 guy, in 6'1" 215 pound package. 

Tim Burton: You better be good if you're going to play corner with a hat on your head.  That's what exactly what this young man did.  Burton did his job of blanketing receivers throughout the day, impressive since he played mostly bump and run coverage.  For what he lacks in height, Burton makes up for with his timing and anticipation.

Ronnie Harris: Excellent cover corner, who has great hips, can turn and run with anyone.  Showed the ability to play off or use the trail technique.  Harris was also able to successfully re-route receivers, and high point the football.

Louis-Jean Albert: Although he's a little raw, Jean Albert knows how to stick to his man like glue.  He's physical at the line of scrimmage, using his size and aggressiveness to bully receivers and throw off timing with the quarterback.

Delonte Howell: Worked out at receiver and corner, but his future will be on the defensive side of the ball.  Howell can cover for sure; he has good hips, and can turn and run with anybody.  I would have liked to see him play closer to the line of scrimmage, as Howell preferred to play five yards off during every rep.  There are still questions about his deep speed, but the Cass Tech star was not able to contest many passes in that department due to some badly thrown balls. 

Wayne Lyons: Lyons had an impressive showing, it's hard to believe that there is a better safety prospect in the state of Florida.  He's a true safety, with cover corner type skills.    Lyons was able to lock up some of the top receivers at the combine.

Ron Tanner: Tanner had an up and down day.  He was able to cover and close on passes thrown in front of him, but struggled to cover passes 10 yards or deeper.  Tanner will be a strong safety or linebacker in college.

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