Amaker & Wolverines Discuss Victory

Following the match-up with Ohio State, Head Coach Tommy Amaker, LaVell Blanchard, and Daniel Horton met with the press to discuss the victory. OSU Head Coach Jim O'Brien also provided comments on the game.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement:

"It was a game that we need to stay in contention down the stretch of the Big Ten Conference season. I was impressed with Lester Abram's overall game. He was efficient both on offense and defense. LaVell Blanchard's shot fell for him today and we got good production off the bench from Sharrod Harell and Chuck Bailey, which offset losing Bernard (Robinson Jr.) to foul trouble."

On controlling Brent Darby:

"A team effort is required to offset a great player and that is what we got today. You can't stop a great player with just one guy. I want to give credit to our entire team defense."

On Daniel Horton:

"He is a really good shooter and he is streaky as you've seen. His play was tremendous for us. With him on the floor I feel much better as a coach."

On Lester Abram:

"I think Lester was determined to have a great game for us because he didn't have a good game at Indiana, our last time out. He is tough and he will have his ups and downs during the season, but it wouldn't be because he is not tough."

On playing with a big lead late in the game:

"It was quite different for us, especially in a conference game, and it was a nice feeling. It is tough to keep a big lead in the league and I give them credit for never quitting. They put a nice run together at the end of the game and made us fight for the win down the stretch."

On coming down the Big Ten stretch:

"As we go down the stretch, every game is going to be a monumental game. Any team that can put a few wins together late in the year, especially on the road, will be the team that is going to win the conference. You have to hold serve on your home court, but if you can win a few on the road you put yourself in a good chance to win the conference."

Lavell Blanchard

On the importance of protecting the home court:

"It is very important. To have a chance at the title, you have to be able to hold your home court."

On the importance of the win in terms of the Big Ten title:

"I am not worried about keeping pace with the other teams. We need to keep doing what we have to do to win games. We need to continue to play with pride."

On his double-double:

"Coach (Amaker) told me that he wants me to go down low and bang around. I just tried to do what he said. It has worked so far."

Daniel Horton

On playing well despite feeling under the weather:

"I just had to put that behind me and focus on playing basketball. Off the court you might not be feeling too well, but once you get on the court and your adrenaline starts pumping you forget about everything else and worry about what you need to do to win." On hitting threes:

"In the last few games when we'd move the ball down the court, the defenders would get a head of steam and keep dropping back. I just wanted to use that space to be able to pull up and hit the shot right there."

On getting back into the win column after a loss to Indiana:

"It was important for us. We were embarrassed last Wednesday night, so we wanted to come back here and show everyone that we're still around and send a message to the rest of the league. I think we did that against a good Ohio State team. We just went out there and executed on offense and defense to get a good win."

OSU Head Coach Jim O'Brien

On the game's deciding factors:

"We had a hard time scoring and they didn't. They hit some big three-pointers, particularly from Daniel Horton. They are so talented in four of the five positions. Lester Abram carried them in the first few minutes of the first half, then Horton was their guy at the end of the half and LaVell Blanchard hit big shots in the second half. That is three different guys who carried them at different spots of the game. They are very talented."

(AP Photo/Paul Warner)

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