Coach Rod in the Crisler Tunnel

Some reporters, including GBW's Sam Webb, caught Coach Rod at halftime of the hoops game. He talks on injuries, on recruiting, on David Brandon, on a new assistant coach, more ...

Question: Is there any update on the NCAA investigation?

Coach Rodriguez: "No, no update."

Question: What about injuries for spring ball?

Coach Rodriguez: "We've got some guys who are going to miss the spring: tailback Vincent Smith -- ACL), center David Molk --ACL, and Floyd Simmons -- sports hernia. And Mike Martin."

Question: What's his situation?

Coach Rodriguez: "Mike Martin had shoulder surgery, which he is recovering, it went well. He'll miss the spring but he should be fine by summertime."

Question: Brandon Smith is gone for good?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah Brandon Smith transferred, I'm not sure where."

Question: Anybody else leave?

Coach Rodriguez: "Not that I know of."

Question: What's the deal with the assistant coaching situation?

Coach Rodriguez: "Still talking to some guys. I may do it in a week or two. I may wait until after signing day."

Question: Are you just interviewing for that linebacker position or could you move people around?

Coach Rodriguez: "It's going to be a position on defense."

Question: Oh it's just a defensive position. Have you interviewed this Mark Snyder or is it…?

Coach Rodriguez: "I can't discuss…I'm not going to discuss personnel. It wasn't that Mark Snyder (laughing, referring to the Freep reporter)."

Question: Can you mention how many names are in the mix?

Coach Rodriguez: "They could be anywhere from five to 15. Really, I really have gotten into the details of it yet. I've been pretty busy."

Question: Can you talk about early enrollees?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah the ones that are here I can talk about. There are six that are enrolled early so far."

Question: Is there a possibility of any more?

Coach Rodriguez: "We have one more spot open."

Question: That is going to be filled?

Coach Rodriguez: "That could or could not be filled. Hopefully it will, sooner rather than later."

Question: Have you had a chance at all to talk to David Brandon?

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah I've talked to David. We've met several times before. I'm really excited about him. He's a terrific person. He's got a great love for Michigan. He's been proven to have great success in the business world. We'll get together probably after recruiting and when he gets to on campus full time, but I think it'll be exciting for us."

Question: How is recruiting going for you guys?

Coach Rodriguez: "I think real well. A typical coach's response is: ask me in three years. We had to meet our needs obviously, especially defensively and I think we're doing that. We're in pretty good shape, we've only have a couple spots open. So now we're just trying to fill it with the best student athletes that we can find over the next couple of weeks, but we're in good shape."

Question: In terms to numbers, you're pretty close to 25, can you guys go over that?

Coach Rodriguez: "We can go 26, because we did not fill them all last year. Whether we do or not; we probably will. We won't take a guy just to take a guy but we'll probably get 26."

Question: I was just saying the craziness of the last month with all the coaching, Lane Kiffin.

Coach Rodriguez: "Yeah it certainly kept it in the news. Every situation is unique and different. I think this one has been different with the way some of the departures have gone. Normally you expect departures because of wins and losses or lack thereof, but this off season has been a little bit more unique in that respect."

Question: How many recruits do you have got right now?

Coach Rodriguez: "Six enrolled early. Austin White, Ricardo Miller, Jeremy Jackson, Stephen Hopkins, Christian Pace and Jerald Robinson."

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