Vinopal Recaps "Awesome" Visit

Youngstown (OH) Cardinal Mooney safety Ray Vinopal made his way to Ann Arbor for a memorable official visit last weekend. The Buckeye State star discusses how the Michigan coaches plan to utilize him, his thoughts on the other weekend visitors, the questions about his height, and much much more.

Sam Webb: So how was the visit?

Ray Vinopal: "It was awesome. I saw everything before. Just got to spend a little more time, using the facilities and stuff like that and it was really fun being with most of the guys there who are in my class so I got to spend some time with them and with the coaches and stuff, good time."

Sam Webb: Who was your host?

Ray Vinopal: "I was with Je'Ron Stokes."

Sam Webb: Give me sort of a blow by blow. Take me through what they had you do at over the course of the whole visit?

Ray Vinopal: "Friday night, we got there and checked in and went to dinner. All that food that they feed us is pretty good and they feed us pretty often too. After that we just left with our host and I went back to Denard's (Robinson) room with Je'Ron and them and played some video games and stuff and a little bit later on we went on. They took me back to the hotel room later that night and the next day we did all our academic stuff, see the facility and Coach Barwis. That night we ate dinner at the student union and then we headed over to Coach Rod's house and after that I went back with Je'Ron to Denard's room again played some video games and then headed out with all the guys again. They took me back home later on."

Sam Webb: I saw you at the basketball game (Sunday). Were you one of the guys that rushed the court at the end?

Ray Vinopal: "Yeah. I rushed the court."

Sam Webb: I need to clear something up for everyone once and for all. There's seems to be an ongoing debate about your height with some actually claiming you' closer to 5'8". What's Ray Vinopal's real height?

Ray Vinopal: "No shoes on I was measured at 5'10 3/4"."

Sam Webb: Thank you very much.

Ray Vinopal: "5'11". You can ask any of the coaches they know."

Sam Webb: As far as x's and o's, talking with the coaches defensively, did they talk any more about where they see you playing and how soon they see you playing?

Ray Vinopal: "They see me at free safety, strong safety. They said that I'm going to have a chance to come in and compete for a spot. Like Coach Rod said, he can't promise anyone anything, you've got to earn what you get, but he said that with the young guys in my class, there are going to be people playing in my class, especially at my position. There is opportunity at safety. If I can come in and prove myself ready to play, they're not afraid to play me as a true freshman."

Sam Webb: Clearly you were not the only visitor on campus; there were even some guys who were uncommitted that were on visits; did you know the Ohio guys like Davion Rogers or Jake Ryan?

Ray Vinopal: "I did not know Jake Ryan. I knew Davion and I knew DJ (Williamson) and I knew Antonio (Kinnard)."

Sam Webb: Did you already have a feeling before it happened that Davion was going to commit?

Ray Vinopal: "Yeah he told me that he was going to commit one of the nights that we rode back to the hotel together. He told me that he really liked it. He was going to break it off with West Virginia and come to Michigan."

Sam Webb: Give me your scouting report on him; what kind of player is Davion?

Ray Vinopal: "He's good. He's about 6'7". He's got that frame. They'll pack some pounds on him and he's a good rusher, good athlete. He'll hit you."

Sam Webb: With Jake, Rashad Knight, and Demar Dorsey, did you get any sort of vibe off those guys on how they were liking it or were thinking?

Ray Vinopal: "I think they all like it. I know Demar and Rashad were talking, they got some more visits and stuff like that. Their going to take their other visits and then weigh their options a little bit, but both of those two I think liked it. I know Jake liked it a lot."

Sam Webb: What's next for you… are you going to play any other sports or anything like that?

Ray Vinopal: "No. I've been training, lifting and stuff. I train with a guy down here named Tim Doogle. He takes care of me speed wise, quickness. All that kind of training, foot work. Once I sign here and I get this stuff that the coaches want me doing, I'll probably hand that over to him and let him put it in my regimen here. We're still working on that stuff."

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