Sims, Wright Talk About the UConn Win

Deshawn Sims and Anthony Wright talk about the big UConn victory Sunday.

Question: For the big ones (wins), this ranks right up there does not it, among the big ones that you guys have had?

DeShawn Sims: "Yeah because that's a big team. We're an undersized team and to be able to beat a team like that it was definitely a key for all of us tonight."

Question: At what point did you realize that this was doable; was it just from the beginning?

DeShawn Sims: "From the beginning, the beginning, I knew to be able to compete I had to hit the rebounds and be able to do some scrappy things and get my scoring going. I played hard and it was a spurt that we were all playing hard and scrappy and that kind of changed the game. Zach Gibson and Ant (Anthony Wright) definitely stepped up."

Question: What was the scheme defensively; it looked like the guys were helping you out inside definitely?

DeShawn Sims: "Our normal thing. If a guy is…I did not know they were that much taller than me. If a guy needs help, help the helper. Help a guy if he needs help and we did a great job of helping each other today."

Question: Was this Connecticut team; was there something about them, it seemed like you matched up well?

DeShawn Sims: "We just played hard. We just played hard. They still a good team. We just played hard today. They are very good team."

Question: Talk about what this win does maybe for you guys maybe for talk of post season; I mean I think that has got to be a good feeling?

DeShawn Sims: "It is definitely a good feeling, but we definitely needed a win because we got a great stretch coming up to start off the stretch to get a win and capitalize."


Question: You've been through the big wins; where does this rank?

Anthony Wright: "It's up there. It's up there with UCLA, up there with Duke. I just like this win because it is capping off a tough four game series. We have UCONN today, one tally for us. We got Wisconsin. Not going to look at Michigan State or Purdue yet, but we know it is there. This is going to be a great four game series for us."

Question: After you made that first three did you think you just had it tonight?

Anthony Wright: "I think that I have it every night. It is just a matter of just being able to shoot the open shot, which I've always had them but not too many opportunities have come my way."

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