Manny Harris Talks about UConn

Manny Harris talks a lot about about the big win, and on the rest of the season.

Question: On the keys to beating UCONN…

Manny Harris: "Stay aggressive, keep scrapping and try to out scrap them, go for 50/50 balls and make sure that we box out and we did that today. Zach Novak was kind of the start of it. As a team we did a great job of it."

Question: Is that how you guys were going to counter their height and size advantage?

Manny Harris: "Definitely, they had us in height so we just played more aggressive and box out more and like I said 50/50 balls and things like that and we had a good chance of winning the game."

Question: Did you guys feel how desperately you guys needed to win this game as far as tournament and everything else, did you feel that way?

Manny Harris: "We did. We felt it. That's why I think we came out that hard. Like I said, we got to come out that hard every game no matter who we play and that's when I know will do that for the games to come."

Question: What do you think you need to do in this stretch, these next three games to make the tournament?

Manny Harris: "Just stay focused, it starts off the court. Like I said, eat right, sleep right, make sure we stretch and just make sure we stay focused. Do not let nothing get in between the way of this team."

Question: You had the steal on that last layup?

Manny Harris: "Yeah but it was like I said, credit Stu (Douglass), he tapped the ball out of I forget who's hand and it came to me and I was able to go down the court and get the easy bucket."

Question: Playing a big athlete team like this, does that give you more confidence going into this stretch playing Purdue, Wisconsin and Michigan State?

Manny Harris: "It gives us a lot of confidence and also let us know that we just as athletic as they are and even if we're not, we can play stronger or tougher than the next team. You just got to keep this intensity going into this tough stretch."

Question: Down the stretch in this game, did you feel personally that you needed to take it to the basket more and protect the basket going down the stretch?

Manny Harris: "I just try to pick and choose, but I knew if I had to drive to the hole, make some drives in there. The guy help off me, passed it and I know Zach Novak made that real important shot at the end of the game."

Question: For a team that is considered a three point shooting team, it is sort of on you to attack it more, isn't it?

Manny Harris: "That's just how the team is. Sometimes I'm the most aggressive attacker, so I just want to mix it, shoot threes and sometimes if I drive, sometimes the other team won't help off of Zach or Stu and I can go and get a foul or easy bucket or if they help then they can knock down the shot, so that's what we did today."

Question: At some point here in the next few days, do you think you'll sit back and scratch your head and say where was this all year? Maybe if we had done this against Boston College or something…?

Manny Harris: "No because we kind of focusing on the past is the past. Forget about yesterday, so we can't worry about that. Just stay focused and we got some big games coming up and that is not anything to worry about."

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