Michigan Vaults up Dorsey's List

The Wolverines are fresh off a big visit weekend, hosting the years first Junior Day for prospects in the class of 2011, as well having a number of official visitors on campus. Demar Dorsey, a Florida commitment, was the most high profile recruit in town.

GBW: How did your official visit to Michigan go?

Demar Dorsey: "Ah man, it went great! I got up there on Friday and met up with team and coaches."

GBW: Take me through the rest of your day.

Demar Dorsey: "First we all ate together, the players, the coaches, and their families. Then we (players) went back on campus to hang out and chill. We played video games and got a chance to know everyone. That was pretty good."

GBW: Who was your host?

Demar Dorsey: "My host was Denard Robinson, that's my cousin. That was cool, he was able to tell me everything about Michigan. He said (academic advisor) Shari Acho don't play. She really be on the players about academics. He told me not to listen to all the crazy stuff people say about Michigan."

GBW: Did you attend Denard's track meet on Saturday?

Demar Dorsey: "Yeah, he was pretty excited about it. Denard is already fast, but he got stronger at the end of the race."

GBW: Were you able to spend more time with the coaches Saturday?

Demar Dorsey: "Saturday was more of the business side,….you know the academics. I got a campus tour, and met the president of the school. After that, I was able to eat out with coach Rod and his family."

GBW: What did you think of Coach Rod?

Demar Dorsey: He's a real cool guy, just like Coach Magee, and Singletary. We get along real well."

GBW: Fast forwarding to the basketball game at Crisler Arena on Sunday. Rumor has it that you were one of many fans who stormed the court. Is that true?

Demar Dorsey: "Yeah (laughing). I had to go out there and represent with my boy Devin Gardner!"

GBW: Talk about your relationship with Devin.

Demar Dorsey: "Me and Devin are real tight. I met him at the Under Armor Game, and he was just a real cool guy that I became good friends with. He been on me about Michigan."

GBW: Summarize your visit for me. How did you like it? Where do the Wolverines stand?

Demar Dorsey: "I liked it a lot. It was my first chance to see snow, which I liked, because I had never seen it before. It was warmer than I expected. Ann Arbor is a great city. It was a good trip. Michigan is in my top 3 with Florida and Florida State."

GBW: Do you have any other trips planned?

Demar Dorsey: "Yeah, I got FSU next weekend, and USC after that. I'll decide after my last visit."

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