UM's Family Vibe Impresses Knight

Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian Academy DB Rashad Knight finally made his way up to Michigan for his official visit last weekend and his time in Ann Arbor clearly strengthened the Wolverines' chances at landing this Sunshine State standout.

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"Everything went good," Knight said recalling his time in Ann Arbor. "It was straight. I got to see the snow. That was something new (laughing). Then they took me to the stadium. They tell you it's a big stadium, but you don't know how big it is until you get in there. It was crazy! I I had fun with some of the players. They took me out. I enjoyed myself."

Michigan was Knight's second official visit, but when compared with his first, the fast friendships he formed in the Great Lake State clearly stood out.

"The Auburn visit was cool, but the Michigan visit was more (cool) because the players… they treat like they've known you for a long time," he explained. "It's like they're all your homeboys. I hung with Jeremy Gallon from Apopka (FL), Brandin Hawthorne from Pahokee (FL), (Vincent Smith), Shoelace… he is from down south. We went to his track meet. That boy right there can fly. No technique or nothing, just fast (laughing). All those guys are for Florida. I think that's what it was. That was cool."

A few members of the coaching staff gave Knight a similar down home feeling.

"(Mike Barwis)… that man got so much energy, but you can tell he really knows what he is talking about, he stated. "And Coach Rodriguez, I'd talked to him on the phone, but that was my first time talking to him in person. Coach Rodriguez is a real down to earth person. If you saw him out like a normal person, you'd never know that he is a coach. He is a real down to earth person and just a cool type of guy. I was looking at him… and you know most coaches be dressed up? He is just cool, laid back... regular pants, shoes not tied… just a cool guy (laughing). I like that."

One of the primary topics of conversation when chatting with Rodriguez (and seemingly everyone else for that matter), was the opportunity to get on the field right away in Ann Arbor.

"They were stressing (playing time being available)," said Knight. "Probably at the safety spot… playing in middle of the field, sideline to sideline. A rover type guy. A couple of players were really telling me about it too. They have one guy named TJ (i.e. Teric Jones) who had to go to DB just so they would have enough depth. He really plays running back though, so they've moved him back to running back now."

All told, the Wolverines cemented their position in Knight's top three. He wasn't quite ready to reveal whether or not they had ascended to the top spot, but he insists neither weather nor distance will play significant roles in his final choice.

"My mom and dad said if you want to go that far it's on you, because I've got to live with it," Knight said. "They're going to be at home. My mom and dad have always felt that it is whatever I decide. My dad enjoyed himself a lot (on the Michigan visit). He said he walked around and he really liked it. He enjoyed himself. The weather really wasn't that bad. It was just snow on the ground, but I thought it was going to be so cold to the point where I would think, ‘oh no, I can't do this.' It was actually alright. My jacket wasn't too big. It was cool. I think I can deal with that."

"I wouldn't say (Michigan) is at the top yet," he continued. "After these last two visits then I'll know who the leader is and that's when I'll start eliminating (schools). I go to Rutgers this weekend and then I go to Ole Miss after that."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Knight in the weeks to come.

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