Michigan's Facilities Wow Arnett

Saginaw (MI) wideout was one of the top junior prospects in attendance at Michigan's junior day last Sunday. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented pass-catcher to get his thoughts on his time in Ann Arbor, the latest on his recruitment, his decision timetable, and more.

Sam Webb:  How was your junior day visit?  I know that it was the first time you had been down here in a while.  What were they saying to you this time?

DeAnthony Arnett:  ""I went down there and everything was cool.  Coach Jackson said, ‘we offered you two years ago, what's taking so long?'  They want me bad.  They really want me to commit.  They really want me to go to Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What did they have you do beside go to the basketball game?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "We just toured basically like the facilities, the new locker room and they've got that brand new indoor facility that I knew they were making the last time I was down there.  They got done with that real quick."

Sam Webb:  So that was the first time you had ever been inside it then?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Yeah that was my first time ever being inside it.  I had seen them as they were making it, but I hadn't been inside it yet.  They've upgraded as far as facilities.  They got the best."

Sam Webb:  As far as that game, the UCONN game, I know a lot of recruits ran out on the floor at the end of the game.  Were you one of them?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "(Laughing) Naw me and Delonte (Hollowell) and I think Greg Brown just sat back and chilled and watched everybody run on the floor."

Sam Webb:  Did you know those two before you went to the junior day?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Yeah I knew who they was.  I think the first camp I went to at Michigan Greg was there." 

Sam Webb:  Both those guys are already committed to Michigan.  Were they working on you to do the same?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Naw.  They was just asking me who offered and where I was thinking about going.  They weren't trying to pressure me or nothing.  I was sitting next to Denard Robinson was there, Devin (Gardner), Coach Singletary, Coach Jackson and the quarterback coach (Rod Smith),."

Sam Webb:  Have you been anywhere else other than Michigan so far this winter?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "No, so far it has just been Michigan.  I really can't go anywhere because we got basketball."

Sam Webb:  What coaches have come by your school so far?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "I know Central Michigan for Greg (Hayes) tomorrow actually.  Coach Enos is going to offer him tomorrow but other than that nobody has really been up there.  I've been getting a lot of emails and a whole bunch of mail.  I finally got a USC number today.  Coach Orgeron or something like that was at Tennessee, Lane Kiffin gave him the go ahead to offer me.  So I finally got the number to call up there.  I'll call sometime tomorrow probably to see what's going on."

Sam Webb:  I know you were really interested in Tennessee when Kiffin was there.  Are you going to still look at Tennessee or are you just going to start looking at SC?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Lane Kiffin was the reason.  I was really looking him because he was a young coach, energetic.  He was all into the game.  I'm still going to look at Tennessee.  It's not a bad school.  It is actually a great school so I'm still going to look at Tennessee.  I'm going to be on USC also."

Sam Webb:  What about other schools; any new offers here recently?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Naw not any new offers."

Sam Webb:  How many offers you have at this point?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "I got nine.  Oklahoma keep saying they going to offer me.  I guess they want to see me at a camp.  I guess I'll just have to go down there and show up."

Sam Webb:  Have you thought any more about when you want to make a decision?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "I really haven't even thought about when I want to make a decision."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've been going through recruiting for a while, do you have a better feel for what you're you really looking for in a school?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Education is always first and most important, but as far as football goes… you got to look at the offense and the position that you playing.  Do they get the ball to their skills players at all times?  Do they run a pro-style offense.  I like the prostyle and the spread, but the pro-style is more helpful."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "Naw that ain't really a factor."

Sam Webb:  What do you think about Michigan at this point?

DeAnthony Arnett:  "They got a heck of a recruiting class and I just hope they can step it up (on the field) this year.  How will they handle the quarterback situation?  Are they going to let Tate (Forcier) run the show or is Devin going to run the show?"

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