Coach Beilein talks about Wisconsin

Coach John Beilein talks about the one that slipped away last night ...

Opening Statement Coach Beilein: "It probably isn't a typical Wisconsin win because they usually have the lead the whole way at home. So we're proud that we were able to play so hard for so long, but we couldn't get some shots to drop and they hit some really timely, timely tough shots down the stretch and got to the foul line on us. That was key, the two one on ones that they ended up hitting got them back close and we just had a couple of guys who had tough days shooting. That's because of Wisconsin's defense as well."

Question: As it was slipping away where you trying different things to try and do something different because it seemed like Manny (Harris) got a little more aggressive a the end.

Coach Beilein: "Yeah there is no secret that late in the game we're trying to go with Manny or DeShawn (Sims) as much as we can. So we were trying to go to DeShawn because he was having such a great day. He had already made a three…he got a wide open one. We tried to get it inside. We tried to get it inside as much as we can. They gap off you pretty well and they made it difficult but when we did it was good. Then we felt like we got some good shots at time but they just did not go, particularly for Manny."

Question: What do you think about Tim Jarmusz's defense on Manny?

Coach Beilein: "They always got a guy that can do that and I do think there was several times when Manny got really good looks but Tim is a good defender. He did a good job on him. I know Manny would love to have some of those shots back."

Question: What was your scouting report on Rob Wilson because that's the most impact he's had on offense in a long time for Wisconsin.

Coach Beilein: "He did not play a lot last year. We were going to play him straight up. He made four threes. I think he was four for eight going into the game, so he is a 50% shooter but that was one every four games. So we were playing him straight up and know that we had to get to him if he did get open, but he found one in the zone one time. Typically Wisconsin fashion, they got some shot clock shots that were incredible scores and they missed a ton of shots in the first half and got one offensive rebound. Coach had them all going to the backboard in the second half. That was a big difference in the game, all the second possessions they had."

Question: Coach does that sum up why Wisconsin is just so tough to beat at home playing from behind most the night tonight?

Coach Beilein: "I just think they win at home because they're a good team. They got a great crowd. They've got a great coach, a great team and they have a system that they do not beat themselves and that's why they win whether they are home or whether they are away. They do not beat themselves and they did not beat themselves today. We did not even get into the one on one I think until maybe the last….I do not know if we got into the one on one. They got us in the one on one. They got offensive rebounds. They just do the right things."

Question: You talk about guys missing shots. Obviously Stu (Douglass) got a couple of but it seemed like for the most part that him, Zach (Novak), Manny, it seemed like there was something going with everyone.

Coach Beilein: "The first half, I think we were 0-7 from Stu and Zach – Stu hit two. Credit their defense again. We have to make shots. Yeah it's on the road all of those things, but I'll wait to watch the tape, but I thought we had some really good looks sometimes. Sometimes you do not, Wisconsin's defense is very good, but we need to make those shots if we're going to win on the road and we did not make them tonight that's for sure."

Question: What did you make of the slow start by Wisconsin; what do you chalk that up to?

Coach Beilein: "It just happens. I think they are probably going through some timing issues and things like with (Jon) Leuer out as well. Everybody is feeling new roles a little bit. I thought our defense was good the whole game. I do not know what they ended up…from three they are 4 for 24 and they shoot 34% for the game. Our defense is really improving. Against Wisconsin you got to make shots. When you get an open one you got to make it because you do not get a lot of open ones."

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