2011 Intro: Chevelle Buie

Cocoa (Fl) RB Chevelle Buie has seen the temperature rise in his early recruitment in recent weeks, and the Michigan Wolverines have been among those giving serious chase. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the c/o 2011 standout to discuss his list of favorites, his thoughts on Michigan, the factors, and more.

Question:  Give us your height and weight.

Chevelle Buie:  "5'7" and 165."

Question:  Give us your stats from last year.

Chevelle Buie:  "1644 rushing yards and 344 receiving yards and 21 total touchdowns."

Question:  What position will you play at the next level?

Chevelle Buie:  "I want to be an all around back."

Question:  Do not mind playing the slot?

Chevelle Buie:  "Does not matter."

Question:  You've got 16 offers and latest school was Florida State?

Chevelle Buie:  "Yeah.  They offered me last Friday when I was at the Under Armour Camp. It was good.  I did not think they were going to offer me – it was good."

Question:  What about Miami of Florida?

Chevelle Buie:  "Florida been coming, Miami been coming very, very hard.  I should probably see some offers on them probably come the spring time."

Question:  Out of those three, which are you most familiar with?

Chevelle Buie:  "I really would say Miami and Florida because they spread offense like we do."

Question:  Any other schools that are on you or aren't on you would like to hear from?

Chevelle Buie:  "I would say Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia."

Question:  So you like that wide open sort offense, like Noel Devine?

Chevelle Buie:  "Yeah.  I'd say Texas too."

Question:  Out of schools that have offered, which stand out? 

Chevelle Buie:  "Clemson and South Carolina."

Question:  Which school is coming at you the hardest?

Chevelle Buie:  "The hardest, I can't even tell you man.  There are so many of them.  They all coming at one time.  I can tell you one school that has been there since day has been Clemson.  They've been there since day one.  Them and South Carolina, day one. And Miami"

Question:  What position are those schools recruiting you as?

Chevelle Buie:  "Running back."

Question:  What do you know about the Wolverines off the top of your head?

Chevelle Buie:  "The Wolverines, they've been coming at me pretty hard.  Coach came down and everything.  He told me to call him.  I ain't never called him up.  I'm going to do that though.  They got Rich Rodriguez and he love those Florida boys. You never know.  You never know I could go there."

Question:  Now you said that you do not like the cold but you also said that you realize that at some point you are going to have to play in the cold if you want to reach your ultimate goal, so does it hurt that they are in the Midwest?

Chevelle Buie:  "It is what it is.  It's cold but its football. I love this sport.  I do this sport since I was three, rain, cold, sleet, hail – I'm going to play.  I'm going to give you my best game so I'm out."

Question:  Do you know any of the kids that Michigan has been recruiting from the State of Florida, are you familiar with any of them?

Chevelle Buie:  "No.  I haven't really looked at the roster lately.  I know the coach Rich Rodriguez switched and I know he loves the Florida boys and he got Noel Devine at West Virginia."

Question:  So Michigan is a school that you're interested in?

Chevelle Buie:  "Yes sir."

Question:  What are going to be the factors when it comes to making your decision?

Chevelle Buie:  "Of course what's on every player's mind, playing time.   You got to go in there and work and work hard, because nothing in life is going to be giving to you so you got to o in there and work hard.'

Question:  You want to play right away?

Chevelle Buie:  "I want to play right away.  Even if I am playing kick return and punt return, make the best out it.  They going to be like, they got to put him on the field.  Do something, make myself better.  Try my best at everything that I've got to do."

Question:  How are your grades?

Chevelle Buie:  "I'm fixing to take my SAT again in February.  I'm going to get those tests out of the way and I'll be go.  Get those tests out of the way and I'll be good to go."

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