Beilein's Roundtable (Week 11)

Coach Beilein talks about going to West Lafayette and taking on the Boilermakers today -- at 4 PM, on ESPN.

Coach Beilein: "I think we are seeing each other too often here. Getting ready for Purdue again is just like Wisconsin … that does force turnovers and just plays containing defense with Wisconsin … to playing Purdue who won't let you catch the ball. You got to be able to change almost overnight. We did a few things yesterday but we had to rest. We got back at around 1:30 or two in the morning. So today we should have a good workout and be as ready as we can for a four o'clock game."

Question: How have they responded after the tough loss?

Coach Beilein: "I thought it was pretty positive. I thought we played a pretty good game. The last four minutes we certainly would like to have back but played a pretty good game in obviously a tough environment, but yeah I think we were okay." Question: What did you see that you liked defensively?

Coach Beilein: "Our defense is getting better every day. Purdue is leading the league in scoring and at their place it is going to be more difficulty to stop them. I like our defense, it is getting better. We had two breakdowns in the three zone that hurt us late and then their last two scores we fouled them and there really was no reason for any of the last three fouls. When the score got tied or we were down two the next four points were from the foul line one and ones that were unnecessary. That's one way you beat yourself by having an unnecessary foul."

Question: Is there a way you can coach to finish game or is that just experience?

Coach Beilein: "I think we've done a good job. Look at the UCONN game, we did the exact opposite. We made every play that we needed to. Because it was virtually the same play with four minutes to go. Indiana, we finished very strong. After being a single digit game with 10 minutes to go…actually that was with four or five minutes to go. I think when you're on the road it is a little bit tougher to finish games like that. We had to play almost perfect to get to that point. So you have a 10 point lead with four minutes to go so maybe you are going to hang on to it by a couple. We really just needed to make one or two of those shots or made one or two of those stops."

Question: Obviously Purdue has a lot of scorers where if you stop (Robbie) Hummel they have (E'Twaun) Moore and (JaJaun) Johnson.

Coach Beilein: "Yeah having that third guy for them is really important and sometimes a fourth guy. We have to have one of our best defensive efforts because Hummel is so multidimensional. He'll play anywhere – really he'll play likes a two and he'll play a five for them. He'll play three different positions. He's one of their best passers as well. So it's difficult. When you see these teams in this league, they do have three or four scoring threats."

Question: They have shown some small chinks in their previous few games; is there maybe playing an opponent at the right time?

Coach Beilein: "No their chinks, they lost to Wisconsin. They lost at home to Ohio State; they were ahead by 10 late. Where was their other loss?"

Question: Northwestern.

Coach Beilein: "Michigan State has gone into Northwestern and won and Wisconsin, I do know if anybody else will – I hope we can. It's just typical Big Ten play or if you were in the Big East or if you were in the ACC, you're going to run into a Duke, North Carolina and have to travel to BC or something the next day. It's tough to do it. It's tough to put strings together."

Question: Are you able to get into the more intricate parts of your offense and advancement with these guys now?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah, but this is just complete contrasting games. Like you said, you'd like to be in a football situation where you have a week to go. Right now you try to change too much, it is very hard to change. We'll try to do a couple of things differently, but it is one day, two hour practice. You can really outcoach yourself. So we're trying to keep it as simple as you can but you do have to change from game to game."

Question: From your experience you talk about the coaching but as a player I got to believe there is nothing more than they would like is to get back on after that Wisconsin game?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah. I think it is just a rhythm there we're in here, where it is two days and there is another two days with one of our biggest rival. Yeah they want to go out and play I'm sure and prove that they can play with the best teams in the country and that's what we're doing every night. They do want to practice though because they want to get better and that's the only way for them to get better."

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