Beilein Speaks Postgame

Coach Beilein speaks on the game yesterday, and parries question on Manny and on Kelvin Grady.

Opening Statement Coach Beilein: "There were times today where Purdue defense was good as any of my teams have every played against as far as just shutting down what we were trying to do, especially the last 10 minutes of the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second half. They were excellent. All that being said, the 43 points that we gave up in the first half was a bigger issue for us. We just had trouble with how efficient they were on offense. That was big, because if you look at…there is not a whole lot of people who could get close to 60 points but it was the defensive lapses we had in the first half."

Question: How much do you think early on was getting used to playing without Manny (Harris)?

Coach Beilein: "I thought early on we were pretty darn good at getting the ball to DeShawn Sims, really good at getting the ball to DeShawn and then they shut something down that we were doing and for us to adapt to that it was difficult. I think it was more playing with short notice."

Question: How difficult was it for you guys to find that second scorer early?

Coach Beilein: "We only had one scorer for a long time early and then Zach (Novak) started getting going a little bit. Against that defense you've got to have really special experienced guards to be able to do that. Our guys are growing every day but very important against that to have outstanding veteran type of leadership at the guard position, we'll try to get towards that. That was better than we were today."

Question: What's Manny's status going forward?

Coach Beilein: "Everything I said with Manny is in the press release."

Question: In terms of the second half just being able to come back from that 27 point deficit; what did you all keep doing?

Coach Beilein: "We just had to stay in there and not give up. They are so stingy. Here is the best thing that you do, you can call anything you want in the huddle and they're going to make you run something else. So countering and reading and doing things like that very quickly, very experienced players could do it and we had trouble with that. We are not lone rangers coming in here and have somebody take them out of what they do. Some of the great teams that they've played that's what happened. You really have to have great experience to be able to handle that. They do a wonderful job."

Question: How do you prepare your team mentally on short notice without Manny?

Coach Beilein: "The way we've been practicing all year – do the best you can and our kids. They did the best they could. They played their hearts out. That's what you talking about for tonight's game?"

Question: Yeah.

Coach Beilein: "You just do it. You can't practice, you just go play. I'm really proud of our kids."

Question: What was the biggest difference when you went on that 20 to five run?

Coach Beilein: "I think we got more comfortable at least their not going to go away and we've got to be stronger with the ball. We've got to drive it stronger. We've got to do a lot of things stronger with the ball. I think once they really surrounded DeShawn all the time, we got him in some really good individual matchups earlier and then he is really playing. I'm so proud of the way he's grown and played and then when they surrounded him a little bit more it was tough for us to score until later on in the half."

Question: Can you talk about Kelvin Grady and the possibility of his return?

Coach Beilein: "Can we talk about this game. Anything else that we have. I'll speak about that when we get back there."

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