Black Says U-M is "Second to None"

It took a while for Wyoming (OH) DE Jibreel Black to make his way to Ann Arbor for a visit, but once he finally did his recruitment suddenly went in a much different direction. GoBlueWolverine chatted with the newest Michigan commitment about the reasons for his change of heart, what the plan for him will be in Ann Arbor, his thoughts on Rich Rodriguez, and much much more.

Sam Webb:  Take me through the process.  I know you had scheduled some visits to Michigan in the past but they never happened.  I'm not quite sure if you had any expectations coming into the visit, but if you did, did it meet them or exceed them?  Just take me through the whole experience.

Jibreel Black:  "We got up here around 8:30 on Friday night and we just sat down and had some dinner with Coach Tall and after that I went out with my host, who was Patrick Omameh.  So I went out with him and I met with some of the players.  We had a good time. Saturday morning we had breakfast and then we went and toured some of the facilities.  The first facility that we went to was the academic facility and that right there kind of blew me away.  I did not expect that at all.  We saw the football facilities and met the strength coach.  He kind of blew me away with the things he can teach me.  The whole facility, I did not know what to expect the first time being up there.  It was just crazy."

Sam Webb:  While your parents were going through the visit with you, what were they saying to you?  What do you think their impression of the visit was as you guys were going through it?

Jibreel Black:  "They were blown away by the same thing.  They enjoyed it the first day we even got there.  We were just eating dinner.  We did not even see nothing yet.  They told me that your most important thing is academics and I think Michigan is second to none as far as the schools that I had with academics.  That was one of their main things; and beside that it is a good football program at that.  So that is one thing that probably sold them."

Sam Webb:  The academic facility: I assume they let you meet with the academic advisor and I think her name is Shari Acho. What did you think of her?

Jibreel Black:  "Yeah, she's really cool.  She really loves what she talks about and she seems that she can lead me down the right path."

Sam Webb:  Sounds like you had an interesting Barwis experience as well?

Jibreel Black:  "It was kind of…he was like juiced up all the time (laughter), excited about teaching kids how to get stronger and faster, get better at what they're doing.  You can tell he really has a passion for it."

Sam Webb:  Your dad was telling me that in particular, you really seemed to hit it off with Coach Rod.  What was your interaction like with Coach Rodriguez?

Jibreel Black:  "At first coming in you hear so much stuff about him and all that, but once I actually got to sit down and talk to him for the first time he's really cool.  He's about football, he's about kids.  He's about us the players.  It was real cool."

Sam Webb:  What was your interaction with Patrick Omameh?  Your stories are extremely similar.  I believe he was committed to Cincinnati wasn't he?

Jibreel Black:  "Yeah. It was cool. He showed me a good time and took care of me.  He showed me the good side of Michigan.  He showed me everything."

Sam Webb:  When we've spoken in the past you spoke a lot about playing time.  Brandon Graham is on his way out, there is an open position.  You're a player that on film looks very similar to BG.  Was that a big factor for you… the opportunity to play a major role early in your career?

Jibreel Black:  "Yeah. When we were watching the highlight tape that is one thing my dad said.  All the coaches said I'm kind of built like Brandon Graham or Lamar Woodley. It kind of surprised me to be in that type of company, but it's all good.  They told me to come in ready.  They did not offer me to be a backup."

Sam Webb:  So you're going to have a shot to compete for a starting position as a freshman?

Jibreel Black:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  You've been on a number of other visits already.  You've been to Cincinnati and Michigan State.  You had a visit scheduled to Indiana next week, are you going to take that visit?

Jibreel Black:  "Naw I'm not going to take it.  I'm done."

Sam Webb:  Michigan has a lot of Ohio players in this class. You're the 11th guy from your state in this class.  Do you know any of the other guys that are coming in?

Jibreel Black:  "I've yet to meet them, but I'll probably be getting some texts real soon!"

Sam Webb:  What's next for Jibreel Black?  Are you playing any other sports; have you been selected for any all star games like the Big 33 or the North-South Ohio game?

Jibreel Black:  "Yeah.  I'm playing in both of those."

Look for more on Jibreel Black in the signing day issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine.

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