Paskorz Family Loves Family-Oriented Michigan

It's been a couple a months since GBW was able to catch up with Michigan commitment Jordan Paskorz. The Western Pennsylvania native was back on campus a week ago for his official visit, and his time in Ann Arbor did nothing but reaffirm his decision.

GBW: What have you been up to since the last time we spoke?

Jordan Paskorz: "I've been lifting weights since I'm not playing basketball this year. I'll probably do track (outdoor) again this year."

GBW: What events do you compete in?

Jordan Paskorz: "The shot-put and the 100 meter dash."

GBW: Interesting. What is your best time in the 100 meter?

Jordan Paskorz: "I normally run in the 11.6 range. I don't win my races, but I'm never last either!"

GBW: Talk about your official visit a week ago. Who went with you? How did it ago?

Jordan Paskorz: "It was me, my mom, my dad, and my sister. We got there on Saturday. We went through the campus tour, and then talked with the academic people."

GBW: Did you talk with Shari Acho?

Jordan Paskorz: "Yeah, she was great. She gave a presentation. My parents loved it."

GBW: I know you wanted to major in business. Did you talk to anybody about that?

Jordan Paskorz: "Well, I actually met with one of the professors from the business school."

GBW: Continue on about your day.

Jordan Paskorz: "We walked over and toured the athletic facilities, and ate lunch in the players' lounge. All the recruits where in there, and that's when I started talking to Jake Ryan. His brother use to play with my brother Steve at Notre Dame, so that was cool. My family and his family were talking the whole time."

GBW: Did you get to know any of the other recruits?

Jordan Paskorz: Yeah, I talked with Ray Vinopal a lot, and the tall kid, Daveon (Rogers), from Ohio that was committed to West Virginia."

GBW: Who was your host?

Jordan Paskorz: "My host was Ryan Van Bergen. I met up with him after dinner at coach Rod's house. He took me out to a couple parties Friday night."

GBW: I know most of the recruits attended the basketball game that Sunday versus Connecticut. Did you go? If so, did you rush the court?

Jordan Paskorz: "Actually we didn't go to the game. Me and my family kind of did our own thing. We went to the mall and picked up some gear. Then we went home, since we drove."

GBW: Lastly, what does your family think of your decision to attend Michigan?

Jordan Paskorz: "They supported me from the start. They like the family oriented dynamic. They love it."

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