Terrence Talbott Clears the Air

Rumors have been swirling in recent days about the possibility that one or both of the Talbott brothers were unsettled on their collegiate decisions. Terry Talbott shed some light on his current mindset after his visit to North Carolina in an earlier interview. Now it's brother Terrence's turn, and he provided a much different take.

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"That's crazy," responded Terrence Talbott Sunday evening when asked if there were a chance he might go somewhere other than Michigan.  "Man, who told you that?  My brother is on his way back from (North Carolina) right now, but I'm at the house.  Do not listen to all those rumors you hear.  I'm going to Michigan."

The brothers have long stated their desire to play college football together.  Lately, though, Terry Talbott has appeared a little unsettled with his decision.  If his sibling has something to say about it, it won't stay that way very long.

"I haven't really talked to him much about his visit or whatever like that, but as far as I'm concerned he's going to Michigan," Terrence stated.  "You never know what's going on in his head.  I really do not know.  He took his trip down there.  I haven't really talked to him about it.  I'll talk to him more about it (Sunday night).  All I know is that I'm going to Michigan no matter what."

Terrence indicated that the North Carolina's initial play was for both he and his brother, but he opted to take care of a little business instead.

"I had to take my SAT," he explained.  "Plus I'm cool with where I'm going.  Signing day is coming up and I do not see the point no more (of taking visits).  I'm just worried about my school work and finishing this year off.  I know where I want to go, so that took a lot of stress off my shoulders.  I just got to get my test scores right.  I'm staying focused on my school work and trying to finish up this year, so I'm not trying to go somewhere else (to visit)."

There will likely be a few pointed discussions in the Talbott household in the coming days.  Things could come to a head later in the week when they sit down with a prominent guest.

"Coach Rod is supposed to come down this week," Terrence reported.  "That's what they were saying.  I've talked to a couple of coaches and stuff."

Amid all of the recent recruiting unrest, the brothers Talbott learned that they'd been selected for a few very special honors.  They plan to discuss the topic with Rodriguez & company when they visit.

"Actually I've been invited to the North-South (Ohio All Star game)," Talbott reported.  "Me and Terry and my dude Josh (Harrison) that is going to Wisconsin… he plays for (Huber Heights) Wayne too… he a linebacker… all three of us got invited to the North-South.  I talked to my coach Friday and me and Terry got invited to the Big 33 also.  I do not know which one I'm going to do yet.  I talked to my coach and I don't think you can do them both.  I'm going to talk to the Michigan coaches and see which one they would (suggest).  Michigan said they not going to tell us to play or not to play, but I do not know which one I'm going to play in.  I heard that the Big 33 is a little bit bigger than the North-South, so we'll see."

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