Peedi on Manny, MSU, & More

Michigan Sr. forward Deshawn Sims met with the media yesterday to discuss tonight's match-up with intra-state rival Michigan State. The Detroit native shared his thoughts on Manny Harris' suspension, the return of Kelvin Grady, his Michigan State recruitment, the challenge the Spartans present, and much much more.

Question:   Is this a tough situation for you as obviously you are very close to Manny (Harris), you have the good of the team involved as well, is it tough for you to kind of manage the two?

DeShawn Sims:  "Sort of, kind of.  More of a friendship off the court and also playing with him so much, but it is definitely something that I've talked to him about and the situation was complicated.  I think we've kind of come to somewhat of a conclusion now and we just trying to get past it and on to Michigan State."

Question:  Were you angry with him?

DeShawn Sims:  "I was definitely upset because of the timing of whatever happened.  I definitely wasn't angry with him.  Sometimes you can't control certain things and that was an instance sometimes you take it back as soon as it happens, but I wasn't angry with him."

Question:  Since that incident have you seen more focus from him; has he been remorse?

DeShawn Sims:  "Sometimes when you make a mistake you are generally sorry for the mistake.  You noticed it as soon as you make the mistake and you definitely notice that with him.  Since practice yesterday I've seen a lot of detail with him as far as being a good teammate and him doing some things letting people know he is sorry for what he did."

Question:  Do you think that this has distracted the team for Michigan State?

DeShawn Sims:  "Naw, I think we're back to normal.  Yesterday at practice there wasn't no distraction or anything like that.  We back to normal.  Things happen like this all the time and the suspension was the extreme, but we're back to normal."

Question:  Coach Beilein has talked about the lack of leadership, the void of leadership; why do you think this team has struggled to find leadership?

DeShawn Sims:  "Just like our season, we getting better every game.  The leadership is definitely growing.  I'm definitely stepping up as far saying things.  The leadership is growing.  You can never have enough leadership even if you think you have the best leader in the world.  A lot of guys are trying to step up and lead.  Last year the guys who came in and led, they are two natural born leaders who did it vocally and also did it on the court.  We have leaders who definitely show it in other ways, but we are gaining leadership every day."

Question:  Obviously with State, you always have it circled or you look forward to it or once it gets here its kind of routine?

DeShawn Sims:  "I've been playing for four years, so it is definitely the same routine for me.  I want to win every game and playing against Michigan State, it does a lot for the people – I just want to win the game.  It is not Michigan State, Ohio State or none of the rivals; it is just winning the game for me."

Question:  What is it going to take to win the game tomorrow?

DeShawn Sims:  "Just being precise and coming out and playing hard.  We give great effort out on the home floor all of the time.  Just staying within the game and not letting any fans of outside factor distract us from what we're supposed to win."

Question:  What do you think about your play as of late; is part of that just a sense of time dwindling away in your Michigan career?

DeShawn Sims:  "I'm just a good player.  I'm just showing all my talents and I'm just being as productive as I can.  I'd like to win more in my productivity, but other than that I'm just who I am."

Question:  Coach was talking about pretty much having to get on a run the last 10 or 11 games of the Big Ten season and then the Big Ten Tournament; can you just talk about how the margin of error is zero to make the tournament.

DeShawn Sims:  "Definitely the margin of error and sometimes that can distract so we know that.  We know that we have got to come up out every time and give our best effort or there won't be too much shot for post season.  We do not know what's going to happen but changes are getting very slim and we just have to come out mentally and physically focused for 40 minutes every time we get a chance to play."

Question:  You know Manny very well, how do you think he will come out tomorrow night?

DeShawn Sims:  "Manny will come out and probably play one of his best games.  He is going to come out and exceptionally tomorrow I think."

Question:  You said the incident with Manny happens all the time; were you surprised?

DeShawn Sims:  "No it is an incident with everybody.  A situation that can happen in practice sometimes can escalate to more than what it is.  It just happened to be a suspension this time.  I've had incidents in practice where I was able to resolve them, slip by with something.  It happens, until it happens publically you never know.  A lot of things happen privately in a lot of programs across the country but this just led to a suspension in this one.  Nothing like that ever happens to that extreme ever."

Question:  You know a lot of the Michigan State guys, anybody in particular that you talk to on a regular basis?

DeShawn Sims:  "I really do not talk to anybody on a regular basis, but I've been knowing a lot of those guys for years and we played on the club team together, played together a lot on the AAU.  I definitely have a respect for them, but I want to beat them tomorrow."

Question:  Michigan State wanted you did not they?

DeShawn Sims:  "Yep."

Question:  Did you ever think what if?

DeShawn Sims:  "Not since I started my first game here."

Question:  What makes them so good?

DeShawn Sims:  "Who?"

Question:  Michigan State.

DeShawn Sims:  "They are well coached and they play hard.  It is a system that Coach Izzo has implemented with those guys.  He redshirts guys and make sure that they have it intact and they just buy into his system and he gets them to play tough for 40 minutes and that's what makes them good – tough kids."

Question:  Is it good having Kelvin (Grady) back in practice?

DeShawn Sims:  "It's good to have Kelvin around.  He brings a light to this team.  He's a real funny guy, great teammate.  I'm glad to see him back in the locker room."

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