Novak on the Game Tonight

It's MSU at Crisler - 7 PM on ESPN. In the meantime, Zach Novak talks about it.

Question: What do you think of the Michigan State game last year in terms of the rivalry and intensity of it?

Zach Novak: "Yeah. I wasn't as familiar with it but not totally. Now having played in the game once you realize that there is…there is a deep rivalry there. It's a big game. It is one of those games where there is a little bit something extra to it."

Question: What is it going to take to pull off the win?

Zach Novak: "It is just going to take 40 minutes. That's what we've been kind of preaching this year. If we put the game plan together for 40 minutes, tough defense, make winning plays down the stretch than we'll put ourselves in a position to be able to win the game."

Question: You say you've moved on past this Manny (Harris) incident now and that you guys are tight again as a team?

Zach Novak: "Yeah. We had a good day at practice yesterday and we're glad to have him back."

Question: Can a game like this almost kind of unify you guys from within coming off the incident that took place…is there a way to have a rivalry game coming right on the heels of that might even be better?

Zach Novak: "Any time you can beat Michigan State at Michigan, that's a big win for any team. Whatever sport we're talking about. Yeah definitely this would be the type of win if we get, it's big. We really want this one."

Question: It's big in the sense of your overall schedule right now; there is a sense of urgency now in terms of looking towards the post season?

Zach Novak: "Yeah. It is a huge game for us. It's Michigan State. Just in terms of where our seasons at – we need a win here. We know that and we are looking forward to the challenge."

Question: Is this team still looking for somebody to lead it?

Zach Novak: "No, we have leadership. Right now it is just growing. Last year there has been a little bit of a transition, but we have leadership."

Question: Do you feel like you're that?

Zach Novak: "Yeah I feel like I'm one of them."

Question: Is that difficult for you, as a guy who is still younger have to deal and be that leader?

Zach Novak: "Not really. It's kind of just a natural role for me."

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