2011 Intro: Wayne Lyons

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) Dillard S Wayne Lyons was one of the top performers at the Army combine earlier this month and is already fielding a great deal of interest from a number of major college programs, including Michigan.

Question:  give us your current height and weight.

Wayne Lyons:  "6' and about 182 pounds."

Question:  What position?

Wayne Lyons:  "Strong safety."

Question:  What schools have offered?

Wayne Lyons:  "I got 15 offers right now."

Question:  Name just a few of them.

Wayne Lyons:  "I got Stanford, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Pitt, Vandy, West Virginia, Tennessee."

Question: What about Michigan? Have you heard from them?

Wayne Lyons:  "I've been getting mail from them, but I haven't gotten an offer or anything." 

Question:  What schools are you interested in that haven't offered you?

Wayne Lyons:  "LSU and Clemson and Michigan."

Question:  What are going to be some of the big factors when it comes time to make your choice?

Wayne Lyons:  "Playing time, the coaching and also the program prestige.'

Question:  Do you know what you want to major in yet?

Wayne Lyons:  "Accounting or engineering.  Probably engineering."

Question:  So your grades are outstanding?

Wayne Lyons:  "Yes sir."

Question:  What about distance? 

Wayne Lyons:  "Distance is not a factor."

Question:  So you do not mind leaving the State of Florida?

Wayne Lyons:  "I do not mind.  If it is the best fit for me I got to go where I can do."

Question:  So what's the plan for the off season, visits, camps… what are you going to do?

Wayne Lyons:  "I'm going to go the Nike Camp and whatever camps come up.  How we're going to do it is all the juniors going to put money in a bucket and we going to wherever, just travel together."

Question:  So you got a bunch of guys that are pretty good?  How many of you are going to travel?

Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah.  There are going to be like five or six of us."

Question:  Any chance you travel up north?

Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah, we'll try to."

Question:  So Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame that sort of thing?

Wayne Lyons:  "Yeah."

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