Stu Douglass, Darius Morris Speak

The two Michigan guards talk about Michigan State, about Iowa, and about starting.

Stu Douglass

Question: Coach said the adjustment is still ongoing with the point guard thing, you're still trying to figure it out a little bit.

Stu Douglass: "Yeah, definitely, let alone making an adjustment to college from high school basketball and shooting to point guard; I never really played point guard before. It'll be ongoing. You learn everything every year all the way up to high school, you never stop getting better. It's the same thing. It's not like…I do not know, it's not too crazy, but it is what it is."

Question: What's the hardest part?

Stu Douglass: "I guess being comfortable in the role. I guess getting into the comfortable level of aggressiveness and just knowing where your spots are a little bit."

Question: How do you feel, two-thirds of the way through your season, personally for you; how do you feel that is going?

Stu Douglass: "A little slow, but looking back it is hard for me to expect too much for myself. I've been a little hard on myself. At the same time I should have played better. It was a big mix of emotions with should've and would've and then you try to forgive yourself for some of the bad things that you do in games and stuff."

Question: Obviously the other night there was a decision late in the game and you made one decision and maybe you could have made another decision, is that something that you thought about a lot or did you move past it pretty quickly?

Stu Douglass: "After Michigan State game I was just replaying all the mistakes that I made over and over again. I try to stop myself and sometimes they just creep back in my head. You really can't sit there and just linger on those but it was hard after a game like that. It was a different feeling from other games."

Question: Was that because it was so close?

Stu Douglass: "I think so. Maybe it was built up a little bit, but we've wanted to play real well so bad and we played well and just came up two inches short."

Question: Was there a decision that really kind of stuck with you more than the other?

Stu Douglass: "No not really, maybe some of the turnovers, some of the shots but nothing too specific."

Question: Coach said that you guys had a couple days to get ready and left all the baggage at Michigan State, do you think people have looked forward now?

Stu Douglass: "Yeah. It's definitely in the back of our head, we fought hard and we're trying to carry that over. Nobody is still crying in the locker room about losing the game. We are definitely looking forward to Iowa. Can't wait to get on the court and kind of put everything in the past."


Darius Morris

Question: How much does a game like that take out of you guys and you personally?

Darius Morris: "It takes out a lot from us, especially right after. The locker room wasn't a good sight to see, but the good thing in basketball is that you get an opportunity to go out there and play again and Saturday that's our chance to turn everything around."

Question: Do you guys still view this as a chance to make a run here down the stretch?

Darius Morris: "Yeah 10 games left, if you go 10-0, you'll be 20-10 and everybody will be talking about you again and things will be looking good again."

Question: Obviously playing point guard comes natural to you, Stu's trying to learn on the fly, you're still learning at the same time; are you trying to help him or are you kind of just worried about yourself?

Darius Morris: "Naw. I try to help him out too. It's all about the team and he's playing that position so we need him to be the best guard out there while he is out there on the floor. I try to give him pointers if he asks me some questions just about huddling people up after a free throw, just simple things that point guards do like being leaders out there on the floor."

Question: Is that typical to do because obviously you're still learning a bunch of stuff?

Darius Morris: "Yeah it is because I'm really used to knowing all the offense and just knowing where everybody is supposed to go, so before you can lead you have to learn to follow first and that's kind of what I've been doing, but I'm getting more and more comfortable being able to tell guys where to get at and where to be at on the court. All guys, Manny (Harris), Peedi (Sims); it is getting more comfortable."

Question: I know we talked about way back when you first went to the bench, but you feel now even better coming off there than if you were starting?

Darius Morris: "I started the first nine games, maybe if I was in the lineup I would have gotten more used to it, but now I'm getting used to coming off the bench, being able to watch what they're doing to our offense, how they're guarding our offense, that's always an advantage coming off the bench."

Question: What is it like to chase Kelvin Grady around out there; has he been out there practicing at all?

Darius Morris: "Yeah. He's on the scout team. He's really good to try and guard the quickness from the other guards in the Big Ten, like Kalin Lucas, he did a good job of preparing us for that. He's just running speed at you like he's running a football route and that's good."

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