Manny and Peedi Talk

Deshawn Sims and Manny Harris: their comments on the game, and on what's to come.

Deshawn Sims:

Question: When you start off defensively like that, it seems like you can get as much energy from that as offense?

DeShawn Sims: "Yeah definitely. If you're stopping people and you're doing things like that. If you're stopping people it just motivates your offense. Even if they do not score, or you do not score, you're still stopping them and you still have opportunities to be able to kind of relax on offense because you played so well on defense."

Question: Is that part of what you guys gained from these fundamentals that you guys worked on, because coach said you had time to work on you guys?

DeShawn Sims: "Yeah but we've been stepping up our defense lately. We have some gray areas but we slowly for surely shored them up and I think we've become really a great defensive team over the last couple of years."

Question: How much did you guys need this after everything that has happened this week?

DeShawn Sims: "We definitely need it. All the wins, all the games throughout February, we need to win, all the way to the beginning of March. We need to win and make a run for any post season that we have…any life that we have for the post season."

Question: Going back to basics this week, did you guys work on boxing out? I do not know 40 something rebounds seems like a high number.

DeShawn Sims: "We just worked on our individual skills in being able to pass and shoot and just dribble, just all individual basic things."

Were you just getting in the right position?

DeShawn Sims: "Yeah we are getting in the right position. We've been playing hard. I've been feeding off Zach Novak's energy, for me to be able to go in there and get some offense rebound with my strength. It just has been a thing of playing hard."

Question: Northwestern and Wisconsin coming up; there has got to be a certain level of revenge in your guy's minds?

DeShawn Sims: "Definitely, redemption, teams that we lost to that we were so close to that we definitely have to come out with the mindset of redemption."


Manny Harris:

Question: With everything that has happened this week; how important was it to come out firing like you guys did?

Manny Harris: "We just know that we needed a win. We need to just get better, the best we can. It was real important to get this win, break the three in a row losing streak."

Question: Defense, what about this team's defense today?

Manny Harris: "We came out with a lot of intensity, aggressive on defense, got some stops and helped their offense. This was a good defensive game and it helped us out and made us win this game."

Question: Talk about the start of the game, you guys jumped on them, it looked like you guys were having a lot of fun.

Manny Harris: "Yeah we definitely made a statement, came in, let them know that we was in there today and kind of fed off that run and we never really looked back."

Question: You guys dominated in offense rebounding and rebounding in general; is there a reason for that or just size advantage or something?

Manny Harris: "We got one of the best rebounders in the Big Ten and everyone else just feeds off on him in the rebounding end. We just wanted it more today."

Question: Can you talk about DeShawn's play?

Manny Harris: "His play has been great period. The last probably 10 games it's been great. That's what we expect from him and he is going to keep doing it."

Question: How much did you guys need this tonight?

Manny Harris: "We needed it big. We were on a three game losing streak and it just gives us more confidence, momentum. This is a team that we were supposed to beat and we did what we were supposed to do."

Question: With Northwestern and Wisconsin coming up, certain level of revenge in your guy's mind?

Manny Harris: "Oh yeah definitely. They beat us, like anybody, you get beat you want to beat them back the next time. That's definitely how we're going to go into the game, looking at revenge and just trying to get better and get the win."

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