Wilkins not part of backup plans

One of the Wolverines earliest commitments for 2010 class, Kenny Wilkins is like the forgotten man. While on his official visit two weeks ago, the Michigan coaching staff made it clear that Wilkins should be prepared to play when he arrives in Ann Arbor this summer.

GBW: Talk about your official visit to Michigan.

Kenny Wilkins: "I got on campus Friday, and then I went out to eat with the coaches, and their wives. I met up with my host Kenny Demens, who showed me around and introduced me to all the players and recruits. Kenny is a real cool guy, and we got along well, as we have similar personalities. On Saturday, I got a tour of the campus and all of the buildings. I met the academic and training staff. After the tour, everybody went back to coach Rod's house, where Mrs. Rodriquez made her famous "macaroni and cheese". It was really good; I had a couple plates (laughing)!"

GBW: A lot of recruits talk about going to coach Rod's house on their official visit. It seems like everybody really enjoys themselves.

Kenny Wilkins: "Yeah, it really is a good time. Everybody gets a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company."

GBW: Were you able to experience the nightlife in Ann Arbor?

Kenny Wilkins: "Kenny took me to a couple clubs to show me what it's like. I met a lot of students and players. Roy Roundtree was really cool."

GBW: Sunday was your last day on campus. How did it go?

Kenny Wilkins: "I spent most of the day with Coach Robinson. We watched my high school film, he broke everything down. He showed me some of things I do well, and said he likes my motor and versatility. He also showed me some things I need to improve on. He said I come off the ball a little high, and that he'll show me how to get better leverage so I can make more plays. Coach Robinson said Michigan has drills in place that should correct those issues."

GBW: It sounds like Michigan is expecting you to play your freshmen year.

Kenny Wilkins: "Yeah, Coach Robinson told me that he's not here to recruit players to be backups. He told me to be ready. I'm excited to work with Coach Robinson and coach Tall!"

GBW: Did you talk to coach Rodriquez before heading back home?

Kenny Wilkins: "I did meet coach Rod. He told me that I'm going to help bring Michigan back to glory."

GBW: Last question. Is it safe to say that you're happy with your decision to attend to Michigan?

Kenny Wilkins: "Oh yeah. I like our recruiting class, and I trust coach Rod and his staff."

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